Monday, March 25, 2013

LifeLookLens: The Walking Dead - Zombie Fans Beware, My husband ...

LifeLookLens: The Walking Dead - Zombie Fans Beware, My husband ...:   I'll stop making lame excuses for why I haven't been blogging.  I won't tell you that it's because I've been a wa...

The Walking Dead - Zombie Fans Beware, My husband loved them FIRST.


I'll stop making lame excuses for why I haven't been blogging.

 I won't tell you that it's because I've been a walking zombie


I won't tell you that this zombie walks
      in such an                                                                                                                                                                                                                               exhausted  state 


 it has not rested in weeks. 

I won't tell you that it has been busy working for a good cause. 
A cause, that is perhaps, greater than blogging.

 I won't tell you such detrimentally life-changing truths such as these. 
These truths could change your life. 
You must not be told that I have not blogged because I am a zombie. 
You must not know, for this does not give you comfort. 

You don't believe in zombies. You're silly like that. Zombies are real. I know because I am one. I'm sorry- we aren't talking about that, are we?

I haven't blogged because I suck.

Human blood....

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, aren't I the little jester? So funny, so clever, SO...sarcastically brilliant.

I suck because I haven't blogged, of course. (Fellow zombies, forgive me for this obvious explanation but there are humans afoot.

If you readers still care- be you human or zombie, you'll forgive my neglect to my blog. If you do not, you'll be the first one I track down, 'Walking Dead' - style. :)

My husband is obsessed with zombies. Maybe that's why he married one.

Seriously, though- Josh loves a good zombie game or movie.

I mean, LOVES it to a level that makes me question his sanity. His love for all things zombie makes used to make me worry. I watched in terror as he played post-zombie-apocalyptic-video games, for his witch-like laughter was hard to excuse after it resulted from a zombie being torn to bits by his life-like (yet, all too animated) semi-automatic weaponry.


My zombie-loving husband, Josh:

"You HAVE to admit, I have been a fan of zombies before everyone else was. Before The Walking Dead...I loved zombies. Before the Twilight-fan-crowd started liking zombies, I was playing those games. You've gotta give me credit. Before zombies got all-cool-and-(expletive of poopie), I loved them. Remember? Remember how I used to play those games before everybody else? Yeah, you know. Nowadays, everybody freakin' loves zombies. I loved them before they were cool like they are now."

The zombie blog-neglector, Regina:
"I know, baby, I much you love zombies."


"Yeah, well...I think your blog's funny so far. I just think I should get credit. The people who like zombies now are fakers. Twilight fans. Trend-followers...cop-outs, conformists to the expectations of society's mainstream pop culture. I was here first, that's all."

Regina, (me): This blog isn't about you.

Josh: It's about zombies and that involves me. I'm just saying that I knew zombies were cool before everyone else did.

Me: I'd better give you credit for that...on my blog.


Nah, that isn't necessary.You don't have to put it on your blog. I just want you to remember that I loved them before everybody started playing the games, watching the shows, and acting like they loved zombies before I did. When we first started dating, I played those games. I watched old-school zombie movies. People say they like zombies nowadays just to be cool, that's all. I knew they were from the beginning.


I know, sweetheart

You love them the most. 

I'll be sure to tell everybody.