Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gifts for Nurses on Labor and Delivery Day - D.I.Y. Goody Bags


I wanted to find a way to say 'thank you' to the nurses I'll meet on my labor and delivery day, which is fast approaching! After spending way too much time on Pinterest, I ended up doing my own little version of goody bag gifts for nurses. I think the people who help bring your baby into the world deserve a little something extra, so here's what we made to take to the hospital...


- chewing gum
- individually wrapped chocolates
- funky ink pens
- Purell hand sanitizer
- smoothing lotion
- Blistex

The contents are simple- just a few little things for the nurse on the go! Still, I think it's the thought that counts here. I mean, if I were delivering babies- you BET I'd want someone to say thank you. This idea just takes a little extra step to show appreciation for the special people who'll take care of you and your baby. We tied pink ribbons to seal off the transparent bags and I found a template for the little thank you note online. Simple to attach to each gift and made more personal with a handwritten signature at the bottom, I think.

I put together 7-8 of these little bags with my already packed hospital bag. This way, we're less likely to forget them when we head in for labor and delivery day. I'm excited to give these to the nurses I haven't yet met and I'm even more excited to meet my little girl!!

39 Weeks and Counting - Snow Pictures While We Wait

At 39 weeks, every little ache and pain makes me wonder if I'm about to go into labor. My doctor has assured me that when I do go into labor, I'll "know it". Still, the waiting part is hard. My schedule is weird. I've been awake since 1AM. 2AM is Cheerio time. I never liked plain Cheerio's until I got pregnant. No idea how many boxes have been consumed in the past 9 months, but this baby likes her cereal.

While I'm waiting for Everly to arrive, I'll attempt to pass some time by uploading some early morning pictures from today...

It snowed last night. I couldn't resist going out in the cold to see it. So pretty!

Snow pictures while we're waiting for Everly.

She'll be here! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hats for Everly - Learning to Crochet Newborn Hats & Booties

My cousin, Rachel, has gotten awesome at crocheting. She made the hats and booties (above & left) for my daughter, Everly. SO SWEET!!

I LOVE handmade, thoughtful gifts but this one was almost too much! She had sewn in my daughter's name and matched yarn colors with booties for several accessory sets.

What's kind of weird is that I had been doing some crocheting myself. When you're pregnant, you'll do just about anything to pass the time! One day, I decided I needed a new hobby. After being envious of all the Etsy crochet hats, I decided it was time I learned how to do it myself. So far, I've made several hats and zero successful baby booties.

I have quite a way to go to catch up with Rachel, but it's a good start! Here are a few of my first creations...

Still need a lot of improvement, but little Everly is going to have a lot to wear! :)