Saturday, January 24, 2015

39 Weeks and Counting - Snow Pictures While We Wait

At 39 weeks, every little ache and pain makes me wonder if I'm about to go into labor. My doctor has assured me that when I do go into labor, I'll "know it". Still, the waiting part is hard. My schedule is weird. I've been awake since 1AM. 2AM is Cheerio time. I never liked plain Cheerio's until I got pregnant. No idea how many boxes have been consumed in the past 9 months, but this baby likes her cereal.

While I'm waiting for Everly to arrive, I'll attempt to pass some time by uploading some early morning pictures from today...

It snowed last night. I couldn't resist going out in the cold to see it. So pretty!

Snow pictures while we're waiting for Everly.

She'll be here! :)

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