Sunday, September 16, 2012

Little Deuce Coupe

Jukebox Junction

At Dollywood, Josh and I took a decade detour that routed us away from the bustling theme park crowd. My family had gone to see a decades tribute show and did not seem to notice our delayed attendance. I had been distracted by gleaming chrome that glinted with intent to draw me nearer…

If we hadn’t already enjoyed a tasty lunch, this burger spot would’ve been an optimal selection to soak in surroundings of a time when life seemed more simple. I secretly wished I’d had brought a poodle skirt when I stood at this stop along our way! Next time, I’ll be more prepared for a time-themed photo-op! While I’m wishing, this car would look incredible in my driveway.

This picture, along with several others here, prompts a certain Beach Boys song’s melody…Little Deuce Coupe has always been one of my favorites! I deem it an appropriate music selection for this post and an especially pertinent tune for this incredible car. Listen here:


I wish all restaurant signs would mimic the classic style of this one!

A step back in time, when cars were just...better.

A window display featured antique assortments that were priced at bargain rates! Too bad these items weren’t for sale since I’m a total sucker for all things old-fashioned. The sign overhanging this particular display invoked memories of my great-granddad, Howard Reese, who passed away at 100 years of age.  During his century of life, he witnessed milestones of technological and industrial progress. I loved listening to him tell stories of his life and, as I stood in front of this display, I couldn’t help but recall fond memories of his tales. I like to think that he looked down on us and smiled as we marveled at these cars. I’m certain he then proceeded to entertain angels with stories about cars of the past. Born in 1911, my great-granddad arrived in a different world than you and I. He would find that cars were destined to progress at an unfathomable rate! 

Early American Automobile 
1911 Reeves Octosuto, affectionately known as "Big Brother"
Reeves Pulley CO. Richmond, IN.

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Jukebox Junction is well worth visiting at Dollywood!

This car just so happens to come in one of my favorite colors- I think we’re meant to be together! :)

Even police cars were classier than models our officers drive today. I’d love to take this one for a test drive!

Explore Jukebox Junction and other park features at:


~ In Loving Memory of Mr. & Mrs. James Howard Reese, who are now together again. Though you couldn’t take a stroll with us on this day, you were dearly remembered and sorely missed. During your lives, you watched the world change. By living your lives in love, you changed all of ours. ~

~I'm certain that you look fantastic, driving a little deuce coupe through the clouds... ~

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