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Therapeutic Interventions - Foster Care Foster Parenting - Tennessee Foster Parents Needed

Foster parenting is better with T.I.I. Therapeutic Interventions, Inc. has been serving families in TN for over 15 years. Our Nashville office is seeking foster parents throughout Tennessee! Give children a home by becoming a foster parent today!

I'm Regina Hodge...
                                 I help find homes for kids and I need your help.

This is my personal blog. I normally blog about what's on my mind. Typically, I don't write about foster care. Typically, I keep my professional and personal lives separate from each other.

Today, I'm trying something new.
I'm mixing things up to see what happens.

This is an experiment that I hope will help me achieve my ultimate goal. The goal that was first realized when I began working at Therapeutic Interventions, Inc.

We call it T.I.I.

It's easier to type for me and it's easier to remember for you- no thanks needed yet- save that for when I get your home study approved. :)

My husband just suggested that I shouldn't do this. He said it would link my company's name to my blog. I responded as follows:

"I don't have anything bad on my blog. I think it's a great idea that can help us find good foster parents. It makes us more real. It makes people realize that we are more than just a company name. We're just people. We're people that specialize in foster care and adoption. People need to be able to relate to a real person, rather than just a company name."

Husband: "Yeah, I see what you mean. I just didn't know if you needed permission to do that."

Me: "I could ask but that would take some time. Besides, people blog about their jobs all the time. My job is pretty awesome and it's definitely not going to bore people, like a lot of jobs and blogs about jobs would do, right?"

Husband: "Well, I guess. As long as there's not anything confidential in there, I don't see the problem. I'm just wondering what your plan is, here."

Me: "My plan is to let people know who the best agency is in Tennessee. If I were thinking about becoming a foster parent, I'd want to know more about it first. I'd start with Google."

Husband: "Oh, yeah? What would you Google?"

Me: "All sorts of stuff. Foster Parenting, Foster Parents in Tennessee, How Do I Become A Foster Parent, Best Foster Care Agencies in Tennessee, Be a Foster Parent....I'd do some research before I called anybody...that's all I'm trying to say.

Husband: "And you think that by linking your blog to Google Plus, it'll help you find more foster parents?"

Me: "No idea."

Husband: "Your blog doesn't have anything bad on there, so why not give it a try. People will be interested about that stuff if they're wanting to learn more about being a foster parent. I've seen you answer their questions before and it's kind of impressive to watch you when you're on the job."

Me: "What's that mean, exactly?"

Husband: "Well, you're always talking about how you all call people right back when they call you, wanting to know more about foster parenting. Don't most people have automated voice services to do that?"

Me: "I don't know about most 'people'. I know that if I were thinking about being a foster parent, I'd want to talk to a person. I'd call another agency if I got some answering service. I'd want to know that the agency would be there when I needed them."

Husband: "I would, too. It's gotta be hard (being a foster parent). At least your foster parents know that they've got people who will be there for them."

Me: "Yep. I work with some pretty awesome people. Our foster parents have stayed with us for a long time. Some of them have been with T.I.I. for over a decade. That said, I think people just need to know we're out there. We're back. Therapeutic Interventions is back. We back our foster parents and support them like nobody's business."

Husband: " Yeah...maybe you should leave all that out of your blog, Mrs. Ambitious."

Me: "Maybe. Then again, maybe somebody will like it. Maybe that somebody wants to be a foster parent. Maybe the company I work for IS really unique. People need to know about Therapeutic Interventions, Inc. Especially those who want to be foster parents. There's no maybe about that.
The family-feeling of T.I.I. is unlike any other agency. I've approved foster parents who have attested to that statement. We care about what we do. I care about what I do..."

Husband: "Well, there's no doubt about that. Get the word out, sweetheart."

Me: "That's exactly what I'm doing right now. Mixing personal with professional, business with pleasure, sacrifice with rewards...Thanks for your approval, pun'kin."


Foster parents are needed in Tennessee. Kids need homes. I train foster parents. I write home studies for foster care and adoption. Call me to find out more about becoming a foster parent in Tennessee!

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