Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ballin' on a Budget: Decor found at Goodwill

 I work full time as a social worker. I don't have a ton of money to spend on making our house feel like a home. Luckily, the most awesome Goodwill store is just minutes from where I work. Not so lucky for my husband because I go there at least 3 times a week just to see what's new. He's a good sport and sometimes goes with me. I remind him that I'm really saving us lots of money by bargain hunting, so my habit is really quite responsible. :) Here's my antique $8.00 lamp. You're bound to see dust in all of these pictures. I'm too busy hunting for decorating treasures to clean my house. 

 Old Copper wind-up music box for $2.99. Thanks, Goodwill!

Random finds, transformed into an original floral arrangement. Spinning flowers on the bike add to the uniqueness. Just noticed the price tag still on the be removed, but it adds charm.

 My favorite lamp of all the lampy lamps in lamp land. It's PERFECT.
My brother-in-law actually asked me if he could have this. He said it would go well with he and his girlfriend's decor. FINDERS, KEEPERS. The lamp stays with me. :)
 Snatching up ceramics at yard sales and bargain stores has paid off! The little guy was labeled as "Sleepy Mexican". This seemed a bit assuming (if not a bit racist) but he sure is cute napping here on my end table. Anybody could wear a sombrero. It could be a sleepy Eskimo on vacation or a cowboy, right? No matter what culture, he (or she) has the ability to catch your eye.

 I have no idea what this big glass bottle/jar/thingymajig was originally used for...or what I am expected to use it for...but it sits with my other treasures and was only $2.00.

 Ok, lots of people won't buy pillows at Goodwill. Those people are alright, I guess, but I'm not one of them. There's nothing you can't clean up and I found tons of throw pillows that are just freakin' awesome. So what that someone used them? My husband was a little standoffish to these pre-used additions at first. Now, you should see how cozy he looks when he naps on these cushy wonders.

 Cow was bought at Target. I embarrassed my husband when I said, "Oooohhh, look at this cow creamer pourer! We can use this when we have fancy company over!" Why I thought a cow cream pourer was best suited for higher-class guests, I have no idea. Little Betsy is too good for fancy people so she keeps watch on my shelf now. :)

 Ok, I see the dust from here. I know it'll be worse if I click and make this pic bigger. No clicking, people. Owl cookie jar looks wiser with dust and age. My personal tribute to Archimedies, one of my favorite Disney characters.

 I love my record player. I didn't find it at Goodwill, though. I gave it to my mom. She NEVER used it on a regular basis and told me I could have it back if I'd use it more. (She's nice like that) I told her I had given it to her and taking it back would be wrong....Here it sits now, in my house. I tried to be noble, but couldn't let it go to waste! All my records were bought for quarters on Ebay, record stores, guessed it- Goodwill. I have an obsession with old Disney record/books. Maybe I'll put one on and do some dusting so my blog will look better...Naaaahhhh, I'll just keep it realistic. If you don't see dust, you should worry about me. No dust suggest that I angrily cleaned and had no time to hunt for more treasures. Reginarella is a grouchy, mean woman. Alert someone if any blog pictures start looking too perfect...means something is terribly wrong. My life is messy and I like it that way.

 Lucy and Halle seem to love my lamp, too! I hope they don't break it. I may cry.

 Pillows and Lamps!
 Not sure how long my Goodwill pillows will last with two dogs who love to climb on them! At least I won't be out tons of money if they decide to chew them up. The orange, round one here has already been attacked!

 Living room in progress. Not so big on the rug and need some kind of cool window treatment, but those pillows are just awesome.

Peacock tin tray that my mom gave me. I wonder if she got it at Goodwill, too. I love things like this that are different! :) Happy Bargain Hunting! (at other places besides the Goodwill I go to regularly.)

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