Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dreamcatcher Drive

 There isn't too much to look at on your way back from Tunica, Mississippi. Perhaps I was just tired on the drive back home to Nashville and missed all kinds of sights along the way. One thing my sleepy eyes couldn't miss was the dreamcatcher that hung on our rearview mirror. With my passenger seat leaned nearly all the way back, I had the perfect angle of this beauty against a blue sky. Funny how objects you've seen a million times can become more beautiful when you really took at them.

 We were almost home when the sun nearly blinded us as continued our road trip back home from our weekend getaway that had left us completely broke. Luckily, there are some things you can see without paying a dime. Beautiful sunsets are my favorite...

 Swaying back and forth, our ornamental rear view mirror decor appeared as though it had caught a dream in its web.

 Why didn't I ever notice this before? There's so much beauty in life. Don't miss it when it's right in front of you.

 Feathers fluttered as the cool air from our car's AC whispered secrets to the dreamcatcher. I had become transfixed on the delicate way my object of attention flowed along with us on our journey.

 Not as pretty here, but look closer.


 Tranquility. Now after this camera phone shot, I can resume my nap as my sweet husband chugs coffee to keep on driving. (He's a champ)

Back home in Nashville just in time to sit in our backyard and take in today's wonders.

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