Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My brother-in-law and his girlfriend got a dog. That makes me an aunt...kind of. My nephew, Rowan, is probably furrier than your nephew. He might also be smarter and cuter, despite his canine condition. Micah and Makaili broke their clan's M-name when they decided to add a four-legged family member. Still, Rowan got a nickname. His parents have alias names, too. Mak, Makalaly (Mack-u-la-lee), Mikey, Bruddur, Ricky Smooth (don't ask)...

So, I naturally nicknamed their dog. Rowan seems too mature a name for my spunky little neph-dog. At least for now, anyway. I call him Rowie. Not sure why I rebel against Rowan's more suitable and dignified title, but I do. Rowan came over for a visit recently and I probably called him by his real name a total of one time, before affectionately referring to him as Rowie. Hopefully, his parents won't mind. Micah has called my dogs a variety of colorful names- especially when Halle greets him at the door in her usual manner. (Barks, jumps up, and...smash! Her paws land on the same spot just about every time. Let's just say that it's a good thing Micah got a dog because Halle has threatened his chances for having human children.) My dogs were not especially nice to their new cousin. Halle is jealous that she now has to compete for her uncle's attention. She sulked when she watched Rowie scamper around our house. Lucy took a more direct- and vengeful approach by snapping and growling at Rowie, who did not acknowledge the hatred she directed at him. I love Rowie. My dogs do not. That's okay- all families have their issues, right?

Meet Rowan. I am not sure if his last name has been determined yet. I didn't think to ask. I should probably find that out since Rowie is my only nephew...
THIS IS MY FAVORITE! Definitely the weirdest picture I've ever taken of a doggie! :)

It is not easy to take a good picture of Rowie. He is far to busy to be bothered...and very, very fast. I managed to get a couple pictures that turned out but most of them were blurred by my nephew's tendency to stay on the move.

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