Saturday, December 1, 2012

Etsy Escapades and The Interview

I'm on Etsy.

If you read my blog, you knew that already. The rest of you are now informed enough to understand what follows.

My new shop, Retrospect, has been open for 2 days.

I've made 2 sales.

I have encountered several obstacles along the way. Mostly, these challenges involve boxes. Weird, right? I mean, I just want to own my own business. Who knew boxes and postage costs would be so involved!

I conducted interviews tonight to find a suitable employee for Retrospect. By 'interviews', I mean- interview...with my husband.Since I'm working full-time at my real money-paying jobbie, I realized that I was going to need help to keep up with my off shore escapade on Etsy.

As I contemplated my boxing/packaging dilemma, I raided closets to search for a box that would best suit my newly sold items. I researched shipping costs. I listed a few new items to replace the ones I'd sold.

By the way, my phone makes a CHA-CHING sound when I sell something on Etsy. It's probably the most awesome thing I've ever heard in my life. It's the sound of success- no matter how small or faint...still, that noise fills my heart with a glorious feeling of trimph.

Anyway, about the interview...

It was weird. It was good. It was...confusing.

After all, I interviewed my husband.

He was playing his Xbox while I questioned him about his dedication to Retrospect, as well as his motivation to become an employee.

While I explained the job details about listing specifics of inventory and making spontaneous runs to the post office with little notice, his usual smile slowly transitioned into a secretive scowl.

He'd been so willing at first. However, he soon realized that my company could not offer him benefits of insurance, vacation time, or anything else that would make his boring efforts worth while.

I hired him anyway. He doesn't know it yet, though.

Josh asked me, sarcastically, if I'd made a decision about his interview outcome. I told him "we'd" get back to him.

"We" hired him.

As the new CEO of a brand new company that boasts a margin of profit, I commend myself for making the Retrospect reference of "we", a reality.

Now, it's official. I'm not alone in this anymore.

I have an employee.

I made 2 sales.

I have a margin of profit.

I'm a company.

Today, I became a We. :) :) :)

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