Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Novel Idea - Gera

The icy clanking sound of the gate's frosted latch, clasping over the silvery metal had startled her. She'd been surprised at the volume of echoes that had followed such a routine task of letting the dogs outside that morning.

More than the anxiousness she'd felt when the gate slammed shut, was the sudden alarm she felt when the sharp waves of winter winds stung her weary eyes.

What was happening?

As she stumbled back from the frozen gated field, which now protected her only companions, Gera found that she was dizzy and lightheaded.

"It's okay...just get inside."

A blurry figure stood above her now, and she tried to remember how she'd ended up on the hard ground that lay cold beneath her.

"Who are-
...I don't understand-
Why am I...?"

The stammering series of questions that Gera longed for the unknown figure hovering over her to answer had seemed involuntary... as though her mind had given up on filtering anything she might think to keep it from pouring non-sensically from her chapped lips.

Shaking now, cold and frightened, Gera couldn't move.
The dark figure still hovered above her.
How and what was and had happened to her?

She recalled the clanking of the gate.
She remembered the terror she'd felt upon the stark, crashing sound it had made.
Her tremors became uncontrollable.

But, the dark figure spoke again...

"You are dreaming again."

The brittle grass beneath her began to melt.
The figure did not.

"Wake up, Gera.
Go inside.
Everything is alright."

Waking up in the same place where your dreams have ended is a terrifying experience. Separating reality from the dreams that often prophesy reality is a whole different problem. For Gera, these worlds collide in a spell-binding page-turner that Regina Hodge has yet to write. :)

I have lots of ideas.
Now, I've just got to pick one of them and stick with it until a novel is finished.
Children's books were harder.
But, this idea just happened.
Advice is needed if anybody wonders what happens to Gera. (gee-ra.)
Because I like Shera, from He-man.
My lead character rhymes.

It's a start.
Let's see where today leads me...

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