Monday, January 20, 2014

In Over My Head? The Troubles of A Creative Minded Genius

I have started LOTS of projects. I have started too many projects. Am I in over my head? Well... it depends on whether or not you prefer to focus on one project until it's finished before you begin something else. I'm working on making improvements on my creative jumping around from this project to that project until all projects are started and none are finished. It's what I do. It's who I am. I am a self-proclaimed 'unfinisher'. Now, some might call me a quitter. They can leave this blog and never return. I banish those Negative Nancies right NOW.

Now that those jerks are gone, I'll finish what I was saying...
I'll just get to the point.
I AM in over my head.

It's my own fault that I place so much pressure on myself to do the million things I want to do. Problem is that since I work frantically, passionately, and obsessively on the projects I start...
I burn out eventually.
My husband refers to this as my 'Crash Bandicoot', meaning a sudden deep slumber that hits me after I've run around like a creative crazy person for too long without adequate sleeping, eating, and/or other vital activities for maintaining energy levels of normal human-ism.

I am not tired, though, today.
No Crash Bandicoot...

I have too much to do.
One thing at a time.
Now that I've started up all the endeavors I felt were needed to launch this master plan of mine,

I have to pick one.
at a time.
finish that one.
finish the next one...
and so on.

Instead of overwhelming myself, which is completely useless for master-plan-achievement...

I will be like Dory, from Finding Nemo.

I will...

just keep swimming,
just keep swimming....

And I will never sink.

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