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Photo a Day for 2014 - Photography Blog Project with #Crafty #DIY ideas!

Post one photo each day. 

I've been busy and have some catching up to do! My first photo post for my resolution goal was on Jan. 1st, 2014. Since then, I've been snapping tons of pictures, listing new items at my Lifelooklens Shop On Etsy and crafting all sorts of projects that I'm not quite sure what to do with just yet. 

I MUST stick with my original  
photo-goal for 2014.


So, I have to post something from Jan. 2 and so on, today...
because I have procrastinated. 

Anyway, please pardon my negligence of this blog and  
enjoy scrolling through my life- day-by-day, in pictures...

January 2, 2014.

Organization is not one of my strong suits, despite what my job resume claims as my strength. Anyway, I've been making attempts to improve upon a personality flaw that my friends and family refer to as 'scatterbrained'.   

             (Click the rhetorical question above for an awesomely interesting article about this!)

The photo above is one I took of my 'craft room'. I've made a storage/supply spot out of a vintage Skyway suitcase. Sketch pencils are organized in similarly vintage-styled holders, mason jars, and bottles. I owe that idea to my Canadian bestie, Aubree, who came over to help me deal with the messes of our move from Nashville to Murfreesboro.

Aubree cleaned, sorted, labeled, dusted, vacuumed, folded, washed, etc., as though it were her own house! I couldn't have accomplished all we did that day if I were given unlimited time... 

That's a real friend. 
 The sort of pal who will drop in to SAVE YOU when you're  
totally stressed out
That's Aubree.
She's a gem. :) 

*** Stay tuned for more pics in my upcoming blog posts about getting organized! I'll show all the work that we,  (well..., mostly she...) did to get my craft room and new home looking like an organized person lives there! ***

January 3, 2014.

Wanting a more modern-ish style for our new home decor, I decided to frame some of my favorite photos I've taken over the past couple of years. Photography is something I LOVE but I have a lot of technical 'stuff' to learn before I could call myself a 'pro'. 

I took these two framed photos (above) at my Mamaw's home in Lenoir City, Tennessee. 

It's one of my favorite places in the world to visit and it's especially great for exploring and having mini- photo shoots of architecture and nature! 

I've been looking for more gallery-style glass display frames like these, so any advice on where to find them (on the cheap!) is welcomed! 

Our living room is finally starting to look more homey and these framed shots make me feel a little (okay, a LOT) proud of myself! 

January 4, 2014. 

Taking pictures of burning candles is a little tricky. Didn't find that out until I tried doing just that. Anyway, I like candles. I like cameras. The two don't mix well if you're as clumsy as I am! Still, I thought this one turned out okay and the flame's reflection looks awesome. Lavender scented candles are kind of my thing nowadays. Calming for a new, stress-free little home in 'the boro'. :) 

January 5, 2014.

Trying to do some ancestry research... 
The photo above was not taken by me- 
I was not even an idea at the time this photo (above) was made! :)

 I've been researching my family's history so this picture seems fitting for the side-project ancestry-kick I'm on... 

Pictured here is my Mamaw with her siblings, and my great-grandparents. 
Finding out more about my Native American/Irish/whatever-else-makes-a-regina..., heritage
 is one goal I hope to also achieve in 2014! 

So far, I've made only slight progress in my self-studies...

 Using has helped out but if anyone knows other good resources for surname and/or Cherokee records, help me out! :) 

*Just so no one can say I'm cheating on my photo-per-day-project, here's one that I made:

(Dandelion Seed is a Copyright photo from Lifelooklens, 2014.)  Please respect artist's  (specifically, my) rights, my friends...  I know it's easy to get without paying, but please be good little shoppers, will ya?) :) I knew I could trust you guys... :)

It's my picture, inside another picture! Pic-a-pic-a is the term I've coined for this photography phenomena. I expect that the idea has been around for some time, though. Still, trends go around and come back around! Pic-a-pic-a. I said it first. ... I think, anyway. :) 

Still framing favorite shots I've taken with my newest camera, the NikonD3200. We're in love, by the way. Best camera I've ever used! Dandelion photo above, taken by me, framed and now displayed as modern gallery wall art! I'm feeling a lot of creative vibes this year so hope to get more great art on these other bare walls in our house soon! 

Like the photo above? Want one for your house, too? :)
 Click - - - - - > GIMME THAT PICTURE! to support local art! 

(Dandelion Seed is a Copyright photo from Lifelooklens, 2014.)
 Please respect artist's (more specifically, my) rights, blogg-y friends...
 I know it's easy to get without paying, but please be good little shoppers, will ya?) :)

 I knew I could trust you guys... Santa will bring you something awesome for Christmas this year. :) 

January 6, 2013. 


Do I get bonus points since I made a craft, too? :) 

This is a handcrafted cut-out stencil design I made out of thick cardstock papers that I'd spray-painted with bright colors.

I had sort of a tribal theme in mind for this one.

 I bought a wooden frame for less than $2.00, then glued bits of painted paper on the edges...because I'm crafty. :) 

As for the stencil design... 

It's meant to be a woman on the lower right- her hair blows in the wind as she stands facing a wolf (or dog/spirit/you decide). The mountain sits behind this pair and geometric shapes accent the little scene! Cool, right? 

It's actually really easy to DIY! 
I hope to have some time here soon to post a couple of my stencil designs that will be free for you to use...


You can trace the above design to 
make your own tribal stencil

January 7, 2014.

 Another Spray-paintin' Project to DIY...

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