Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Biggest Move - Mommy In The Making

Yesterday was my last day at CVS. I've worked as a pharmacy technician since April.
Having never worked in a pharmacy prior to this experience, I learned a LOT!!

I have great respect for those who do and tremendous admiration for the amazing coworkers I got to know! I'm grateful to have met some awesome people!

These are the cupcakes my coworkers got for my birthday. Even though I tried to keep it a secret, they surprised me with some tasty treats at work. Not pictured here are the Hello Kitty cupcakes. Being pregnant gave me a great excuse to sample both kinds!
 Okay, so Jamie is AWESOME. She's the pharmacist in charge and she also happens to be an incredibly sweet person! Probably the best multi-tasker I've ever seen, she somehow found time to go shopping for my baby. This gift totally blew me away! She perfectly matched our nursery jungle animal/safari theme, too! Before my last day, this cute lil' basket was waiting for me in the pharmacy. THANK YOU doesn't seem like enough. There are some people who you meet and never forget. Jamie's one of those people.
Unwrapping all the goodies! There's something so exciting about baby gifts. This basket idea is definitely Pinterest-worthy! Super creative and thoughtful for a great baby shower present, isn't it?

Saying goodbye to coworkers who became my friends over these last months was strange. I was lucky to end up with the nicest people who took the time to teach me the ins and outs of daily life in a pharmacy.

Now, at six months pregnant, we're moving in a month.

Transitions like this tend to make me nervous. I like to know what's coming next.

I get nervous when the future seems uncertain.
I'm getting better at facing the unknown without completely freaking out. Isn't that what moms are supposed to do?

I'm still a newbie.
More accurately put, I'm a new mom-to-be-newbie.

Today is my first day without CVS.
It's time to get ready for our big move! 

I have packed one box so far...

One box will lead to more boxes just as one job has lead to another.

From social work to being a licensed pharmacy technician, I now find myself assuming a new role.

Becoming a mother will be my greatest accomplishment...

It's my biggest move yet and I couldn't be more EXCITED!!


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