Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jungle Nursery Theme- Making Nursery Animal Art - DIY Art Inspiration

We've chosen a jungle theme for the nursery. 
Drawing animal art for the walls has kept me busy! 

     Not sure yet which of the many sketches and paintings I'll end up using, but  
here's what first inspired it all...

Starting with the bedding set, "Treetop Buddies", I based most of my drawings on the cute lil' creatures you see here. 

The wall decal was an item I also wanted to match with my DIY doodles so I used this picture (above) as a reference throughout the crafting process.

Doodle #1: I drew this elephant by using the iPad Paper app. Doesn't look exactly like the elephant from the nursery bedding, but I like the end result. I added my name to this one and the others that match. Because..., well... I'm kinda proud of these! :) 

Doodle #2: Again, this giraffe was created with the same app as the elephant. It took some time coloring in the lines and erasing was frequent. Still, happy with the result and think he matches the original one on the bedspread quite well.

I made several other animals with the app, basing all of them on the bedding and wall decal for the nursery. Lots of different creations to choose from but it's coming along nicely. 

This elephant 
is based on one that I saw for sale on Etsy, 
mixed with a stock image I found on Google. 
(Online inspiration helped a lot for my above doodle!)  
Drawn with markers and sponge painted, this little guy was fun to make! 
I liked the original designs, but wanted more color than the two images I'd seen so  
I DIY'd my own

 I've always loved this quote from Shakespeare. Having a little girl is going to be so much fun! I wanted something empowering for our little one so I sketched this up to get an idea for wall art. Not sure if I want to transfer it to canvas or if the arrow matches the overall theme, but I definitely want this quote somewhere in our nursery!

 To make a masterpiece, 
one must first 
make a MESS...

 I used everything from Sharpie's to colored pencils and iPad apps to 
make a variety of wall art  for our little girl. 
Not all of these will be used, but I had to visualize different styles to choose the ones I liked best. Experimenting by trial and error is my favorite way to do crafty projects!

Paint was also involved. 
I bought a set of acrylics from Michael's to make these next two characters...


I found a stock image of an embroidered elephant and I liked the use of negative space. Grabbed a black sharpie and sketched out the outlines to make a cool looking elephant head. Probably won't use this one for the nursery since the animals are babies, but still a look I like.

A matching zebra head, inspired by another stock photo from Google. Drawing with markers has always been one of my favorite ways to make projects like this one. Painting this on canvas would be a good idea with this one, I think. Still, I prefer drawing on paper first to get a little practice. 

More sharpie fun with some coloring pencils to make a more age-appropriate zebra that goes with our theme! Since I won't end up using all of these, I hated for them to go to waste. Hope maybe a few of these inspire anybody else out there who wants to make their own wall art to match a jungle theme nursery!

Can't wait to frame, canvas, and hang up my favorites here soon! 

I've always loved a jungle themed nursery but there's something even more awesome about making the special crafty lil' extras for your child! 

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