Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jungle Nursery - Deck The Walls!

Decorating a nursery for a little girl can be tricky. Trying to find a balance between the pink, girly decor and boyish, masculine stuff took some time. We went with a jungle theme, but I still wanted something a little different. In our baby's jungle, the animals live happily together in a quirky little tree. We started with the bedding and went from there. New curtains have been ordered that I expect to really spruce up the window. It's a jungle nursery in progress!

Our little girl is spoiled already. We've received some gifts that we're working to sort through to add some as decor pieces in the jungle. My sister got her niece-to-be the Simba and Lion King book and my mom gave the cute jungle book you see here. That tiny monkey was a toy that my sister and I had as kids. Not all of this will stay atop the dresser, but I've been mixing up odds and ends to see what looks I like.

I came up with several drawings that we plan to use as wall decor. Still, those walls needed something extra to really bring out the bright colors and cheery theme of the room. Luckily, I didn't have to draw again to create a focal point. A wall decal that compliments the bedspread would be perfect! Unwrapping the artwork was a little tricky, but definitely worth the extra effort! We wanted to see what the decal would look like before we put it on the wall, so we spent some time putting it all together before actually sticking it above the crib.

The picture on the wall decal box looks a little different than our cheerful animal tree. We wanted it that way, though. Turns out that putting it all together on the ground first was a good idea, after all. Then, we could measure certain parts of the piece to create a balanced look.

 Just getting started, but going well so far. I was nervous at first about sticking the decal to the wall, but it's easy to move if you make a mistake. It helps to have people who are tall. To me, just about everyone is tall. I'd need a step ladder to do the top of the tree. Luckily, I have a husband for that sort of thing!

THE MORE HELP YOU CAN GET, THE BETTER! It can be tough to spot spacing mistakes from an up close perspective. Having others stand back and guide you is a definite plus for this project!

 Mom and Dad helped us out with this project. I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out!

And now, the end result of this wall project...
ADORABLE!!! I mean, how freakin' cute is this? I LOVE IT!! Super easy to do and you can customize according to the space you're working with.

 We positioned the tree trunk so it appears to be growing out of the baby's crib. As a centerpiece, this made a great focal point on the wall.

Since I used the animals you see here to inspire some drawings, I can't wait to see what it will all look like together! Applying the wall decal gave us a great start with our theme and I can't wait to finish up soon! :)


I've been playing around with a few framing ideas for the sketches I did, but we haven't hung them up just yet. I've gotten good feedback on the little elephant I drew! He's based off the bedding and wall decal character. Now, just have to figure out how I wanna frame him!

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