Sunday, December 7, 2014

2 Months Until Everly

I've moved, had a baby shower, and passed the 32-weeks-pregnant mark since I last wrote. We've decided to name our little girl Sandra Everly Hodge. We've been to parenting classes, decorated the nursery, and settled into a new place. Thanksgiving has come and gone, leaving only Christmas and New Year's between us and our baby! February 1st is my due date and is now just two months away!
Thanksgiving in Lenoir City, Tennessee...

Posing with props

Mamaw Rose worked hard to make Thanksgiving special, as she always does.

 Lucy helped... :)

Josh, getting some practice by holding my baby cousin, Ezra, at my baby shower. He's a natural.

Everly's closet is getting full already! Thanks to some awesome family members, we've gotten TONS of cute clothes for the baby! I'm starting to think that my unborn child has more to wear than I do. Some things we bought along the way, but we really lucked out having some awesome hand-me-downs.
My little cousin, Aven (the ADORABLE little girl pictured above), had outgrown shoes and clothes that her mom and grandma generously gave for little Everly. I had SO MUCH FUN sorting through all this!

We've been lucky to have so much support from family. They all pitched in to help us move and get settled in. It's awesome to have people be excited for the good things that happen in your life. Everly is getting an awesome family and I can't wait to be her mom! 

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