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Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower - Decorating Ideas from Tracie's Tiffany-Themed Bridal Shower

 We hosted a Breakfast At Tiffany's bridal shower for my sister, Tracie, who will become Mrs. Holt soon. The cake above is the best cake I've eaten in my entire life. My Aunt Tina is a baking genius whose knack for whipping up sweet treats is unsurpassed, in my opinion. Anyway, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes and cake were enjoyed by all at the shower... I won't admit how many I ate. They were THAT awesome! The only thing I added to the above photo is the little Audrey Hepburn cake topper doll. I found some ideas online but decided to give my peg doll bigger sunglasses and more bling. She's cute, huh? Just looking at these pictures again makes me want more of these cupcakes!!

Cupcakes by Christina, a.k.a. 'Aunt Tina'.
 She should open a bakery. :)

Setting the stage for a better breakfast than Holly Golightly ate in the film Breakfast At Tiffany's... Pastries, parfaits, deli, pancakes, and of course... those cupcakes!! Since this bridal shower was a surprise party for my little sister, we all arrived early to help set things up. Here's our little buffet area, ready for Tracie's arrival.





Talking like Audrey Hepburn is perfectly acceptable, throughout the duration of your Breakfast At Tiffany's shower. A mimosa bar made a fun little brunch addition to our party, too. Fresh fruit, champagne, and a cute little sign decorated a smaller table that we placed near the buffet area. Smaller guests get juice, of course... so do pregnant ones.
(I was the latter at this shindig.)
Still, we all had lot of fun and loved this classy addition of a mimosa bar


My mom came up with the idea to do a store front scene as decor for the shower. (She's super creative like that...) Tables were covered with pretty patterned cloths and mirrors made great jewelry displays. We scattered diamonds on the table tops to add some sparkle. Since this display sat behind sliding glass doors, the arrangement worked perfectly to create a Tiffany & Co. mini-store that we later used to give away prizes for the party games. Creative, huh? :) 

Jessica was the mastermind behind these balloons, which added a lot to the festive elegance of this bridal shower. Aren't they PRETTY?! Jess incorporated the balloons into a game we played later- inside the teal balloons, a little piece of paper would determine a balloon-popper's winning or losing status.  "Sorry, darling!", was written on my paper.  My Mamaw won this game, to everyone's delight. Popping balloons is fun. It always has been. 
Win or lose, guests enjoy this little game that Jess put together for us. 

Table decorations were made out of some
 glass candle holders I'd found at Goodwill. Adding rhinestones was easy enough and 
mirrors made centerpieces stand out. 
Sprinkling diamonds on just about everything is a decorating requirement. :)

Of course, the guest of honor got to wear the famous
 Audrey crown...

We all wore little black dresses, but Tracie got the accessories to really complete the movie star glam-look.

I picked this charcoal poster up at a Goodwill store, quite some time ago. (We had this shower theme planned for a while...) We used this- and lots of other posters of Audrey from the film to decorate

 Perfectly named Pinot for this bridal shower! "Little Black Dress" Pino Noir.

Love my little sis! Here I am with the future Mrs. Holt. :) 

Here are some of my favorite shots of family...

We used a shower curtain rod to hang up photo booth backgrounds in an entryway. (Clever idea, isn't it?) Tiffany blue boxes were wrapped and tied up with white ribbons and bows to stack up as a prop for the booth. We all had props to pose for pictures and this was a big hit at my sis' wedding shower.

Here are a few more of our photo booth shots...

Chalkboard signs, painted glasses, pearls, presents, & tons of crafty efforts went into the photo booth, shower games, and decorating success at Tracie's bridal shower. I'm WAY behind on posting this stuff, so have too many pictures to put on here today. 

 To the fabulous ladies who attended Tracie's Breakfast At Tiffany's shower, I promise to upload all the pictures I took TODAY, so check your email later this afternoon! (Sorry this is so late!)...

. For Tracie 'Ree' Holt

love, G.

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