Friday, June 20, 2014

Pregnancy Announcement - How I Announced My Pregnancy - Creative Announcement Ideas & Inspiration - Cartoons by Regina Hodge

I told my family. I told Facebook. Now, I'll tell you.


After browsing through tons of
 ideas for pregnancy announcements
I found myself still debating on how to tell people the news. 

Lots of cute ideas and inspiration can be found on Pinterest. 
I wanted something different. 

I wanted my announcement to be original, but had no idea where to start.
It took some time to figure out that Facebook status that told everybody I'm preggers.

Anyway, here's what we came up with... Keep on scrollin' to see -


I started drawing after brainstorming ideas with Josh. Our announcement was definitely a collaborative effort. Here's our 'meeting of the minds' creation, in cartoons 

I drew to capture what we wanted our announcement to convey...

  I drew the following cartoons

for our pregnancy announcement...  


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  After I drew the little comic above, I needed a way to wrap up our little story. (I got stuck on how to do this for a while!)

 I finally decided to close our announcement series with an ultrasound picture... 

Like this...


How you tell people you're pregnant is completely up to you. 

I just really like how we did it. 



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