Friday, June 27, 2014

Top 10 Things You Miss During Early Pregnancy

It's always a good idea to drink coffee before writing anything. Of course, my favorite morning beverage must be consumed in moderation now that I'm pregnant. I miss coffee. Without it, my writing suffers. . .

Brew faster, pot... I NEEEED you.

As I wait for the sinful cup o' Joe, I think about things I miss now that I'm knocked up.

Having 2-10 cups of coffee is among my pre-preggo memories.
Wine and coffee make writing better.
Best when you drink those separately, I suppose.
I wonder if Hemingway ever mixed the two...
Nah, alcohol was his jam.

Mine is coffee.

How am I supposed to function like this for 9 months?

9 weeks down.
7 months to go.
7 more
of limited coffee intake...

 At last, it's done brewing.
Pardon me while I gulp this down, friends...

Ahhhhhhhh... delicious.
7 more months.

 Being pregnant isn't as fun as everybody says, you know.
You miss stuff like coffee... You miss it more than your non-pregnant self would ever think you would, in fact.
But, it's not just coffee.

Here's what I miss most during 
my first 9 weeks of pregnancy...

1. coffee. 
- Duh.

2. energy.
- Like a 2-year-old kid, I require naps on the reg.

3. steak.
- Eating steak cooked anywhere near above medium rare is a crime not worth my time.

4. my social life.
- See number 2.
  Prefering a nap over going out with friends is lame. I realize this and embrace it, unfortunately.

5. Wine. No. Beer. Beer & Wine.
- It wasn't hard to give up, but having a cupcake after a long shift just isn't the same.

6. Medicine.
- Because Tylenol does nothing for seasonal allergies and daily headaches.

7. Independence.
- Moving furniture? Lifting something? Yard needs mowed? Calling for backup takes practice.

8. Clothes that fit.
- Accepting that I have and will continue to gain weight has been difficult for me, but it's the cute clothes I miss most.

9. Shopping.
- Feeling guilty for splurging on anything you don't need is a weird phenomenon that occurs when you realize you should probably save money for your kid.

10. Concentration.
- Focus. I used to do that. Forgetting stuff is now my specialty. 'Pregnancy brain' is the name for this... I think.

Everyone says, "It'll all be worth it!".
They're right, I know.
I'll just believe them more in 7 months...
when I'm drinking an entire pot of coffee again. 


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