Tuesday, June 12, 2012


A Typical Morning At The Hodge Home
Starring: Lucy & Halle Hodge

On a typical weekday morning, Josh and Regina were awakened by faint, whimpering sounds that were all too familiar. Our female member of the duo team Hodge-Podge woke from her slumber before her husband on this particular day. She attempted to return to her dreams of sugarplum fairies before reluctantly departing from her warm and comforting bed.

The persistence of canine Hodge family members would not permit Regina’s continuance of slumber. The two dogs residing within the home now scratched and barked with increasing volume, outside the closed bedroom door.

Regina took the family’s youngest members outside and returned to the bedroom, collapsing onto soft layers of comfort with gratification derived from her fulfillment of morning responsibility.

She had forgotten to close the bedroom door.

Halle and Lucy scampered down the Hodge home’s main hallway to pounce on their masters with excitement, all too-early for team Human Hodge.

Did they need to go back outside? Regina pondered the possibility of successfully fulfilling the needs of her pups as they clawed her exposed skin, in attempts to settle down beside their (human) mother and father.

The dogs were obnoxious that morning- but their cuteness prevented Regina from banishing Lucy and Halle from the bedroom. Now awake, she could not return to peaceful slumber. Instead of mimicking Joshua’s talent for restful and uninterrupted sleep, she reached for her camera.

Lucy was especially cute that morning- So was Halle. The eldest and largest pup cuddled with her father, while Lucy shook with the expected energy levels of a Jack Russell Terrier.

For your entertainment, this video is provided for your enjoyment. May you sympathize with all Hodge family members as they begin their typical morning together…

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