Friday, June 15, 2012



Mrs. Speedy taunted me again today and, as usual, I was not ready. After a storm passed through our town, Josh and I were spending our not-so-active Friday night relaxing inside. I sat down in our kitchen to post some daily pictures when my ninja rabbit crept like a ninja to my front porch. I happened to glance out the window to see Speedy sitting closer to our house than ever before. Where was my never-around-when-I-need-it camera?! Snatching it off the table, I crept towards the window where tiny neighborhood rabbit sat just outside. Focusing more slowly than I needed, my Stylus Tough now zoomed in on Speedy. (Mr. Stylus has been resurrected, for those who read my postings regularly.) The rabbit photo-subject appeared clearly as my knuckles turned white. I hadn’t realized how tightly I’d been gripping my camera until this moment. Almost ready to snap the perfect shot of our rambunctious rabbit, I remembered something that made me clench my camera even tighter- this time, my grip resulted from anger instead of the former excitement-induced grasp. I’d left my memory card beside my computer. I grew more furious when Mrs. Speedy decided she’d posed for me long enough. While I frantically scrambled for the technology that would save me, my bunny be-bopped across our front yard at the speed of light. Looking back now, I wish I’d just tried to snap the picture, regardless of my camera’s lack of preparation via SD card. Maybe there would have been enough memory left on my camera…I must tell myself that there would not have been any room left for one more shot. This self-reassuring conclusion is truthfully based on a dreaded “memory full” digital message that Mr. Stylus read earlier today when he didn’t have a memory card. (He’s a jerk.) Anyway, back to bunnies…

I regained composure that permitted bloodflow back to my knuckles, which had finally turned back to their normal tan-pinkish shade. I put aside any hesitations I would normally have about going outside in appropriate clothing. I fumbled my memory card to Mr. Stylus and flew out the door in a panic. My too-short, try-to-look-cute-when-you-sleep nightie blew in the wind as I flew down the driveway after Mrs. Speedy. She would NOT defeat me again. I refused to lose again to the fastest rabbit in Nashville (quite possibly the world). This evening sighting had been too rare…to against Mrs. Speedy’s daily regimented routine that only permitted sightings of her in the wee morning hours. No neighbors were outside…thank GOD. (I know they think I’m a complete lunatic, always taking pictures of my yard or the sky.) Speedy made it across the street, unharmed. She’d gotten too far away. I worried that Mr. Stylus’ zoom quality would now be unable to appropriately feature the accomplishment of capturing this road-runner rabbit on film. It was. These pictures are blurry. You can barely tell if Mrs. Speedy is a bunny or a clump of leaves. Photo editing only made matters worse. However, these pictures are not meant to feature photo quality or my ability to take awesome pictures every now and then. These pictures are bragging rights. They serve to commemorate my successful completion of Project Tortoise. (See The Tortoise and Hare previous post if you’re starting to side with my neighbors regarding my possible insanity.)

I DID IT. History repeats itself with another win for The Tortoise, who outsmarted the Hare against all odds. Do you see Mrs. Speedy? She’s left of the mailbox. She only paused for a milli-second here, after she waited 3 minutes right outside my window. She may not be as sweet as I thought, now that I think about it! :) 

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