Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bambi's Backyard

Raised in Ashland City, Tennessee, I quickly became accustomed to seeing deer on a frequent basis. My dad always planted feeding crops in the field behind our house and it became common for us to see fawns, does, and bucks (along with foxes, turkeys, and the occasional coyotes). Dad used to hunt but he placed feeders in our field just so we could watch our wild pets. 

My father grew up hunting deer, ducks, rabbits, and squirrels, as did my grandfather, and great-grandfather. During those years, my family hunted to put food on the table. Dad says he no longer sees any point to shooting an animal that would not be eaten out of neccessity. A retired hunter, he now enjoys cultivating his land to provide a source of food to deer that roam the forests surrounding his and my mother's home.

This week, while visiting my parents, I was delighted to sit outside and watch a doe with her fawn. I'd ventured to my hometown, seeking my mother's comfort on my sick days- taken off from work to pass 5 kidney stones. But, that's a whole different (and most unpleasant story altogether.) 

Anyway, back to my original topic since deer are WAY better than kidney stones....

Unlike other deer that spook easily, those that frequent my parents’ meadow do not startle when they see humans. One can casually venture outside to observe them and even the slam of a screen door won’t frighten these uniquely tame animals. They're used to being watched and don’t seem to mind my nosey presence at all. I assume that their willingness to allow our family’s observation is evidence of their gratitude for my father’s provision of their safe shelter and food source. 

The doe was a bit more jumpy than usual since she had led her fawn into the sunny, green clearing. Still, she permitted me to step close enough to her baby to snap a few pictures. I whistled to gain attention from both deer and clicked the camera to capture a head-on angle of my subjects. 

Afraid I would startle both doe and fawn if I crept any closer, I zoomed in as much as possible to end up with a few shots I like. Hope you'll enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them...Who doesn't love deer- especially little fawns?

I definitely am fond of deer...and can also report that they are rather delicious in chili. (if cooked properly) I can't help that I've grown up eating venison. I am a Southern girl, remember? I must say that I much prefer to just watch deer now than to taste their gamey meat. They're prettier and much more enjoyable as lively and  beautiful creatures.

I have, of course, named the baby deer Bambi. This field is Bambi’s backyardand here, he and his mother are always safe. :)

Click below for a tribute to Disney’s Bambi, via song...

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