Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Itsy Bitsy Spider & The Hornet Hive

Ive never seen a tiny spider spin such a huge web! I wouldnt have noticed this silk-spun masterpiece if the sun had not been so perfectly positioned on this day. I dont normally care for spiders, but this web drew me nearer to its eight-legged creator. I got to witness the agile, speedy arachnid as it hurriedly tried to finish making natures most beautiful trap.

Hanging by a thread, swayed the itsy bitsy spider.

This shot was hard to capture, since the sun shined directly behind the web like a blinding bright backdrop. Here, our spider appears to be caught in a bubble of reflected sunlight.


Its a bit of a shame that some flying insect will suffer an unexpected crash-landing into this sticky formation. After becoming entangled by silky fibers, this bug will become bait for Itsy Bitsy. It will thrash around desperately, ripping our spiders carefully crafted masterpiece to shreds. That will only make It-Bit (because Im nicknaming now) angry- until she fills her spider belly with bits and pieces of her helplessly trapped victim. We dont include this version of the story in the well-known Itsy Bitsy Spider song, of course. Im happier to think that all spiders do is climb up water spouts, too.

Itsy Bitsys neighbors live in an enormous hive, not too far away from the web. Hanging high in the trees, hornets buzz in and out of their mansion.

Hive Pictures were taken by my Mama- Cindy Cannon. Shes much braver than I am to venture this close to a swarm of stinging hornets!

Mom and I take pictures of everything. Shots like this one she captured are the source of our photographic motivation. Incredible!

Ive been trying to talk my mother into starting her own blog. I introduced her to Facebook and Pinterest but she needs more persuasion for Blogger. Her pictures are INCREDIBLE but she can be a bit too much of a perfectionist when it comes to critiquing her shots.I decided to start featuring Cindy Cannons pictures on my own blog as she goes through this brief stubborn spell of refusing to blog on her own. She gets crazy shots like this one featured ALL THE TIME. I sometimes get a little jealous of her talent! Its jealousy mixed with incredible pride since she is, after all, my Mama. I high-jacked pictures she took of Yellowstone and of Florida, via thumb drive. To give her a little push to start blogging, I will be posting some of her most outstanding photographs soon! Check them out and leave some comments, folks. Ive told her already how great she is at photography but I believe she thinks Im a bit biased. Help me prove her wrong by confirming how awesome her shots are! 


Mom isnt a huge fan of these hive pictures she took. If I took these, Id have to try to remain modest. See, Cindy takes one glance at a photo and immediately notices any imperfections- even when there are none. Perhaps thats why she gets such incredible photos- though I think nearly all pictures she takes are noteworthy.

Only a photographer would willingly stand under a hive full of hornets! (Photo taken by Cindy Cannon)

I find it interesting that such tiny creatures are capable of constructing such elaborate homes- from webs to hives, the intricate beauty of nature is prevalent even in the architectural home developments of less than likeable residents.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
And the itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the spout again

When I was young," said cousin Tom, "At the old bouse that I came from, A honeysuckle used to grow, That clambered round the portico. How sweetly, I remember well, Its yellow blossoms used to smell; And how, one Summer, in its shade. Their great, gray nest the hornets made...

But all your pain to good will turn, If you will now a lesson learn, And keep it, when you older grow, Wherever you may chance to go- To aid the wronged, to help the weak, One should not be afraid to speak; But every wise and prudent man Keeps out of quarrels if he can; For in this world 'tis never best To meddle with a hornet's nest.'"

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