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The Bashful Blogger, GIfted Photographer

In my previous post, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider & The Hornet Hive”, I promised a follow-up feature about the photographer who inspires me more than any other. For those of you who are clueless as to who the identity of this skilled camerawoman is, I must first chide you for just now tuning into my blog. (Shame on you.) Next, I’ll calm your curiosity by revealing that the bashful blogger, gifted photographer is my mother. Now, you’re all caught up so I can proceed with today’s lesson. Keep up with the class from now on, please. :)
My mom reads my blog- she’s my biggest fan, no doubt. However, she tends to follow up after my posts with a text message or phone call that provides instructive criticism and helpful advice. (She’s also my editor.) Sometimes, she thinks my posts are goofy and random and other times, she raves about all she enjoyed about this-or-that. I was reprimanded after I publically disclosed what I perceive to be an incredible creative talent for photography that my mother possesses. She told me not to ‘brag’ about her on my blog and insisted that I refrain from doing so in the future. She said that some ‘real’ photographers might not think that her pictures are very good. Being the defiant and stubborn daughter I am, I argued against her modesty and affirmed that nobody’s opinion about her pictures really matters since I think they’re fantastic- and it’s MY blog. I believe I ended our mild disagreement with, “That’s ridiculous. What do you mean by ‘real’ photographers? You’re a photographer to me, Mom, and I can brag on you when I want to. Who cares what they think, anyway? I can write about and post about whatever I feel like because it’s MY blog.” 
I had already named my mother ‘The Bashful Blogger’ before this conversation ever took place. I believe her reaction to my opposition and insistence to blog on, despite her protests, affirms why I chose her title. That, and the fact that she will not give in to my persuasive influences when I demand that she should start her own blog. Since she will not become a fellow blogger (yet), I told her that I was going to post her pictures on my blog. Hoping this would prompt my mother to concede defeat, I reluctantly realized that my own stubbornness is rightfully inherited. Thankfully, modesty is not- or we would all be deprived of viewing these incredible shots taken by my dear, sweet, (almost too modest) mother. Enjoy as you scroll on to view photos taken by Cindy Cannon. To any ‘real’ photographers who ‘don’t think they’re that good’, (though I don’t expect you would), your opinions don’t matter to me because I think they’re wonderful…and, as I told The Bashful Blogger- it’s MY blog. ENJOY!

Taken at Yellowstone National Park by Cynthia (Cindy) Cannon

Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you when you said not to brag about you or your pictures. I just think these are too beautiful not to share- and I also think you’re too great for me to refrain from boasting about you. I assure you, these pictures look like they were taken by a ‘real’ photographer…
probably because they were. 
I love you.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park. Taken by Cindy Cannon

Yellowstone National Park, photo taken by Cindy Cannon.

I love this one- a couple’s stroll, caught by a stranger’s camera.

Yellowstone National Park, photo taken by Cindy Cannon 

 Let’s just assume that the former person took all photos featured, unless otherwise specified. This will save me valuable milliseconds seconds of time.

Herd of buffalo at Yellowstone

I will ask our post’s guest star about this location, but I think this one was taken of The Grand Teton Mountains. I must consult with Cindy to be sure of this.

Yellowstone or Tetons? Only the B.B. will know…the point is, WOW.

I am certain that this one is of a baby buffalo at Yellowstone. I presume that its mommy and daddy accompany this calf because that assumption makes this picture that much cuter!

Hot springs of gorgeous turquoise shades at Yellowstone.

One of many scenic views available to guests at Yellowstone.


Elk graze in valleys below The Grand Teton Mountains.

A large bird spreads its wings near a lake in Florida, just in time for Mom’s camera to capture this beauty. Is this a great blue heron, class? I need to brush up on my bird knowledge but let’s keep the focus on this shot and all its glory. I think its worthy of National Geographic. Oops, there I go ‘bragging’ again. I may be slightly biased about mom’s photos, but I do think this one is exceptionally good!

Somewhere in Florida, boats wait patiently in a blue bay for their captain’s return.

Adorned in bright and cheery colors, this ship longs to set sail again along Florida’s coast.

Marshy Florida waters mirror fluffy white clouds upon their surface, as a boat creates ripples that distort their reflections.

The only thing missing in this Florida garden photo is a princess standing atop this bridge. This one bears a fairy tale quality of enchantment to me.

Catching candid shots that are flattering is one of the hardest things about taking pictures of people, I think. My grandfather is seen here, standing on Florida’s beachy shore as he watches a ship pass by on ocean waters. I love this photo of him that Mom took and think it’s a great candid portrait of my Papa.  

My Mamaw and Papa are caught on film as they relax under their umbrella, likely without knowledge that their daughter is photographing them. This is another candid photo of my grandparents, taken by Cindy.

Birds have to make sure they look presentable, too, you know. Taken in Florida of a bird’s mirror-check, via Cindy’s lifelooklens.

Up close shot, taken in Florida by Cindy.

Symmetry of reflections in water is captured again in Florida.

A brief continuation of my ‘Bambi’s Backyard’ post is provided here by my mom, who took this photo of deer that frequent her backyard. Since deer are timid and flighty creatures, they are difficult to catch with a camera at all. Whether at Yellowstone, in Florida, or at home- Mom’s got a knack for getting difficult shots like this one that was taken from dozens of yards away. (Bragging again, Mom…sorry.)

Leaves mask one deer, which gives her a masquerade costume in this photo. I’m not sure where little Bambi was on the day Mom took this picture, but I’m sure he’s okay- probably off with Felina somewhere in the forest.
Taken by Cindy, photo effect added by me- not that it needed one. I just liked this effect of a cross at The Minister’s Treehouse, in Crossville, TN.
I have an obsession with making all pictures black and white. This one was shot in color by my mom, but I couldn’t resist. Taken at The Minister’s Treehouse of my Mamaw and Papa, by Cindy.

 Be sure to see previous blog posts for ‘To Grandmother’s House We Go!’ that feature shots I took of and around my grandparent’s home when I kidnapped Cindy’s camera.
Empty pews in The Minister’s Treehouse. I love the lighting & texture- and every other aspect of this photo, taken again by Mama.
Meet Cindy Cannon (right) and her sister, who is my Aunt Tina (left). I don’t know who took this photo but I love it. These two love to take pictures- I fit right in since I’m often just as camera crazy.

Mom, I hope you’ll forgive me for ignoring your pleas against me making blog posts about you. I have exposed your pictures to the world now by not following your directions. For that, I am sure you aren’t surprised since I’ve always been a little rule-breaker. You told me not to brag about you and I ignored you. You brag on me, though, to be fair. That’s what families do, though…they recognize potential and talent in each other when it may otherwise go undiscovered. 

My intention is neither to embarrass nor exploit you or your talents. My hope is that perhaps by reading and viewing this post, you will see the gift you have and the talent you possess. I’ve seen it all along. 

I’ve always admired your kindness and humility, as well as your regard for the thoughts and feelings of others. However, when it comes to our debate about your photography skills or ‘real’ photographer’s opinions about them, the only conclusion that matters is that I know how great you are even if you don’t. To me, you are a real photographer. Since some of your pictures are now immortalized via Internet blog, you’re now also a kinda famous one. I love you. :)

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