Monday, July 30, 2012

Fall Creek Falls


I followed the advice of some prospective foster parents this weekend after they made a recommendation for me to stop at Fall Creek Falls before heading back home to Nashville. My job frequently takes me to different places all over the state of Tennessee and even though I often dread the long drives to and from foster homes, I enjoy being on the move and seeing new things.

 I’d been to this state park once when I was young, but a photograph is the only evidence of that experience since I don’t remember a thing about that first trip here as a child. I decided to forgo the windy mountain road on my trip back, as its lack of safety railings often invokes what-if-I-go-plummeting-off-a-cliff-type thoughts.

 I happily agreed to take an alternate route that would lead me through the park. I reasoned that I’d count my visit as my lunch break since I was still technically on the job this weekend. Mixing business with pleasure, I took a stroll down trails and stood on mountaintops, overlooking waterfalls below. I wish all of my weekend work trip destinations were located as conveniently close to these incredible views!

My job is definitely stressful- finding good homes for kids is a responsibility that most people don’t take lightly. On Saturday, this frazzled little social worker demonstrated exceptional time management/multitasking ability to pencil in an unscheduled appointment. Taking time for yourself is crucial to avoid the dreaded social worker burnout- At least, that’s what I told myself to excuse this all too brief lunch break at Fall Creek Falls...a little fun makes me work harder, therefore increasing company productivity and profit. This visit was completed in the best interest of maintaining my sanity, as well as the overall well being of my employers. It's for the kids- that usually works as a reason to do about anything. So... for the good of the children, I needed to be here on this day. :)

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