Saturday, August 9, 2014

15 Weeks Pregnant - Maternity Pictures at Cheekwood

 Cheekwood is an awesome place. At 15 weeks pregnant, this was a perfect spot to have some maternity pictures taken yesterday. Thanks, Mom! :)

Glad to have some pregnancy pictures I actually like! Planning to go back when I'm bigger for a follow up session. Debating on doing the same poses next time to see how much the baby (and I) have grown!

 This one is a favorite. I opt for black and white almost all the time- just has an elegant, old-fashioned look that I love. Plenty of options for different scenery at Cheekwood, but this spot was perfect.

I climbed up and down the rocky waterfalls (against my mom's wishes, obviously)... There are plenty of limitations to follow when you're pregnant. Climbing is probably one of them, but I figure it's okay to break this rule every once in a while. I won't be able to climb as I become 'more pregnant', so figured I'd take advantage of the 15-week-not-too-big-yet size.

Pretty overlook in an antique photo edit I like. :)

 Okay, I realize this pose is overdone. How else are you supposed to take maternity pictures, though? To show how much you change, you're pretty much obligated to do the bump hold.

 Love the lighting in this one. Seriously owe my mom for taking some awesome photos! Can't wait to go back in a month or two!

Another climb-the-waterfall picture. Mom likes the ones where I'm laughing. I heard enough lecturing about my adventure yesterday. Apparently, I am not supposed to be climbing anything anymore. But..., where's the fun in that? I was careful. :)

Another giggle shot. I'm happy with how these turned out. I am not big on posting tons of pictures of myself, but since I'm pregnant- I have an excuse? Lots of 'selfie' pics are excused when you use the 'capturing a once in a lifetime memory' reason. Thought some family and friends may like to see these- and if any other fellow pregnanteers are looking for a maternity shot location, maybe this one is right for you, too. :)

 15 weeks and counting...

I think I'm getting the hang of this whole pregnant thing, after all. :)

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