Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Most Amazing Steak Dinner -

I am, and have been for quite some time, addicted to watching Master Chef. After working over 40 hours this week, I came home yesterday to find something strange going on in my kitchen. My husband had

What's weird about this is that Josh wasn't making his infamous chili. He wasn't making chicken stir fry. (He is a master of those two dishes, by the way.) Josh was up to something... CRAZY.

Seasoned steaks were resting on the kitchen counter. Some delicious aromas were in the air. My little chef had been busy while I was at work.

"What in the world are you doing!?"
"Cooking, Gina. I knew you had a long week, so I wanted to do something nice for you."
"This is AWESOME! But..., how'd you know how to make all this?"

Fresh vegetables, potatoes, and parmesan asparagus were already baking in the oven. Those steaks I mentioned looked perfectly seasoned. WHAT WAS GOING ON??

"Do you want something, Josh?" I joke at my husband's expense, overemphasizing my bewilderment at his sudden cooking streak.

"Haha! Nah, just looked up some recipes and watched Gordon Ramsay cook a steak so figured I'd try to make you dinner."

"Wow.... okay... um.... thanks! Anything I can help you with?"
"Nah... I mean, I've got this. The whole point is that you don't have to do anything, Gina."
"Thank you so much. I'm exhausted."

I watched my husband cook with a dumbfounded look on my face, no doubt. Had he known how to do this all along? We've been married nearly 5 years. What happened yesterday was the first time Josh has cooked non-chili, non-stirfry dinner for me. It was incredible! Still, I wondered if something was up...

"So, you just looked up some recipes?," I asked as Josh stirred veggies and prepped the skillet for steaks.

"Yep! It's really not that hard, Gina. Kinda like following a lab, you know. I mean, the directions are all there. I went to the store and got all the stuff. We have lotsa spices now, too."

I am speechless.

Don't get me wrong. My husband does nice things for me all the time. Just... this time, he went over the TOP! The shopping was done. We were no longer out of toilet paper AND I had STEAK to look forward to eating as soon as I got home from work.

Josh can cook. He is REALLY good at it. He just kept it a secret for nearly 5 years. It took getting pregnant and watching tons of Master Chef episodes to inspire the chef in my husband. I don't care WHY last night's dinner and perfect-husband-ness happened. I just know I'll be expecting more meals like this that I don't have to cook in the future! ;)


A quick Firefox history check gave some insight into just what my husband had researched to prepare the most amazing steak dinner EVER! :) 

Recipe links, videos, and cooking tips found below... 

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