Friday, October 26, 2012

Catwoman Forever

This Halloween, I am Catwoman. 

I wish I could be Catwoman every day, although my costume would be unbearable to wear during summer months. Nonetheless, I’d probably run around wearing it if I wouldn’t be deemed by society as a crazy lunatic. I was Catwoman at my aunt’s Halloween Party this past weekend and must say that I want more excuses to slip on the suit that instantly turns me into a fierce creature of the night. I suppose my desire to prolong duration of my villainous role is understandable... 

After all, everybody wants to be a cat.


I spent time with my costumed family members over the weekend and we all embraced our characters. This created more interesting interactions between my relatives, who carried on conversations about topics that coincided with their hero/villain’s interests. We all really love the holidays and Halloween is one that excuses the quirkiness we all share. Catwoman and Batgirl spent time catching up with each other and the two found that they had quite a bit in common. Jessica had arrived as Batgirl, which made me feel more comfortable in my skin-tight Catwoman apparel. She and I enjoyed a brief escape from responsibilities that exist in our non-costumed, day-to-day lives. I’ve always admired Jess, though I’d only admit that now that I’m a ‘grown-up’. She and I grew up together and had our share of differences when we were moody adolescents. Now that we’re both married and working full-time, we understand each other more thoroughly and our bond is unbreakable even when we’re not in costume.

Meet Batgirl Jessica. She’s a mommy of two children, which makes her a superhero 24-7.

I have to admit that purchasing a non-specified black bodysuit and then adding a few key accessories created my Catwoman costume. I ended up saving money by this improvisation since a ‘real’ Catwoman costume was priced over my hubby-approved allowance for Halloween expenditures. 

It’s probably a good thing that he suggests limits to holiday expenses because we’d otherwise be destined for financial ruin during the holiday season. I’m an avid celebratory participant of all things that involve playing dress-up. I browsed for costumes at several stores before I stopped in at Performance Studios in Nashville. Excitement overcame me when I entered into the costume store of my dreams. 


My kid-like enthusiasm overwhelmed me, for my Halloween costume choices were seemingly endless. I tried on a Catwoman costume and considered purchasing it before I happened upon a nearly identical black body suit that bore a more optimal price tag for my budget restrictions. 

 I later ended up buying some boots for $20.00. I guess if you wanna get technical about it, I only saved $10.00 since I had to have new boots to go with my ‘it was on sale’ outfit. To reason my festive splurge spree to my husband- and to anyone else who doubts my savvy penny-pinching, bargain-shopping ability, I present the following mathematical proof of my money saving decision making skills:

black suit = $30.00    <  Catwoman suit = $65.00
cloth gloves = $2.00 <  leather gloves = $30.00
Catwoman mask = $12.00 < Other Catwoman masks = $20.00
Boots from Ross = $20.00 < Same boots, other store = $65.00
Belt from Mamaw = FREE < $25.00 belt with Catwoman logo

My Catwoman cost = $44.00 < Authentic costume cost = $205.00

(* Deduction of $20.00 has been factored in on my Catwoman cost, as purchase of Fall boots was necessary and these will be worn with other non-Catwoman outfits, making them a non-Halloween purchase that should not apply.)

$205.00 - $44.00 = $161.00 savings

If you really wanna be a stickler, go ahead and add that $20.00 for my boots. This changes the equation but not the outcome…

I still SAVED $141.00 even if you don’t let me excuse the awesome on-sale boot purchase.

If you're at a loss for an awesome Halloween costume this year, go to Performance Studios. You have the option of splurging or bargain shopping, but you'll love the experience either way. :) 

--> Before heading to our Hero/Villain-themed family costume party, Mom and I made a quick stop at a nearby park walkway. B.B. had spotted a bridge that she thought would be a cool photo locale for her passenger, Catwoman, who concurred with a suggestion to stop for a quick photo-op. 

B.B. is a known name to those who frequent my blog. Others should check out other posts dedicated to my mom's photographic talent. Bashful Blogger got some great photos of Catwoman as the feline pranced through a creepily deserted park. 

Ever vigilant, Catwoman was caught while taking a stroll down a mysteriously surrounded sidewalk in Lenoir City, Tennessee. 
I don't normally like to post tons of pictures of myself. 
I can't help but fear that I'll be perceived as conceited 
for uploading self portraits. I fear this because I think 
poorly of those who have at least 1,000 pictures dedicated
 to themselves on Facebook. This posting will be my only 
exception to my rule. I am not Regina in these photos...

 I am Catwoman. 

Catwoman is rarely caught on camera, though millions seek 
an opportunity to capture her on film. 

B.B. and I, er- Catwoman made an agreement...just this once.

You'd feel more confident being Catwoman, too. :)

I want to be Catwoman forever. At least I'll have a reasonable excuse to do it again next year. Hopefully, Jess feels the same way about Batgirl...and B.B. is camera-ready. 



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