Tuesday, October 16, 2012

iPad Art & Drawing App Must-Have

PAPER is an iPad app you've got to try!

I love to doodle, draw, paint, and finger paint. When I got an iPad, I wasn't sure what apps could incorporate all of my artistic inclinations until I stumbled on one that lets me use a variety of tools- pencils, brushes, calligraphy pens, markers...you name it, Paper has it. I probably wouldn't have downloaded this app, however, had I not been given an Apple gift card. It's a bit pricey since each tool is priced separately, but I promise it's worth it! Separate journals keep all your ideas and sketches organized and a magical 'rewind' button allows you to erase when you go overboard with creativity. I made both of these pictures below, using just my fingers to draw them. I haven't found another app that affords so much versatility, but I'm always open to suggestions! Doodles have never been so much FUN!

A quick doodle of a doggy! This one could be better if I'd spent more time but I prefer to have fun with quick sketches than to stress with details, sometimes. 

This one took me more time than the doggy doodle but I enjoyed using every Paper tool to make it. My husband was stressed out one
day about an upcoming exam for pharmacy school. I frequently hear him say nonsensical words when he's studying and trying to memorize
every medication known to mankind.  I made this drawing to remind him that I'm the only prescription he needs to succeed. He loved it, but
to anyone else- this drawing could be interpreted to suggest a drug addiction or necessity of drugs to become successful. That's actually
why I like it so much- it will represent different meanings for different people. I had fun blending colors and using my new app's tools to 
create a drawing that I'm kinda proud to display! I've always loved to draw. This app lets me do so much more than I expected and is a must-have
for my fellow doodlers. I welcome any suggestions for similar apps of awesomeness, but I'm partial to favoritism of PAPER.
Happy Doodling, friends! :)

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