Monday, October 15, 2012

Costume Ideas: Green Man, Day Man, & Nightman

I literally jumped when I glanced down the aisle and spotted Green Man at Performance Studios' costume store in Nashville. 

I'd stopped by after work one day to peruse their selection of Halloween costumes. I've been delighted to have a reason to dress up this year since my Aunt Tina is hosting our family's Halloween costume party! 

I would go as green man, but I have a feeling most of my family members wouldn't know who he is. Since our party's theme is heroes and villains, I selected a different costume, whose identity will not be revealed until Oct. 20th at our annual celebration.

 Nobody but family members have asked me what I'm going to be this Halloween. I've volunteered this information to a few friends since I have a hard time keeping fun surprises a secret! 

For those of you out there who don't know anything about Green Man, permit me to enlighten you...

Behold, the magnificence that is


I debated on buying this costume...Maybe next year I'll wear this:

Green Man thinks he's a hero, whether you do or not. I may opt to dress up as Day Man, instead. Don't know Day Man? I may as well help you out with learning who he is, too...

Fighter of The Night Man, Champion of the Sun, Master of Karate & Friendship for Everyone...

 I'm not sure if I could pull off the Day Man Costume, but maybe Josh could be Day Man and I could be Night Man next Halloween...

Day Man & Night Man- Unique superhero/villain costume idea for this Halloween- unless your relatives have no idea who they are. :)

Even though I'm not going to my family party as any of these men, my costume is kinda awesome. Just wait and see...
If anyone else goes as Green Man, Day Man, or Night Man, I'm going to be mad that I turned these costume ideas down!

Hope this helps some of you other non-family-event-attending-party-goers with your superhero/villain ideas this Halloween. :)

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