Tuesday, November 5, 2013

13 minutes til Midnight - Get To Sleep Fast Advice & Writer's Block Ramblings

I hate the first part of starting a blog post-

Coming up with the title.

I usually skip that part until I start typing a story, figure out the concept, then go back to add the title for my post.

Tonight is different.

It's 13 minutes before midnight.

I'm still awake.

So many thoughts are going through my head that I cant just close my eyes and forget them. My eyelids feel heavy. It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

You probably don't wanna hear about that, though.

You're here for some inspiration.

more than likely,
you stumbled upon this blog and are debating whether or not to just X-out and move on with your web-surfages.

I guess I'm feeling a bit more negative than usual.
When I write,
it doesn't matter.

If one person reads my blog- reads any posts I've written over the past couple of years-
my public and online journal will be worth the efforts I put in to create it.

Writer's block is in full-effect right now.

I have nothing really that's interesting to say.

Who blogs about that, anyway?

Yours, truly.

That's who.

Usually, I just start typing. I never begin my blogs or writings with plans or intent.

Usually, it all works out. The topic I want to write about reveals itself.

Why isn't that happening right now?

Why does this post suck?

I guess it's simple, really.

At 13 minutes til midnight,

one should not blog.

One should not attempt to write.

No pencil should dare be put to parchment, for nothing worthy will be scribbled at this particular time.

And so...

This is my worst post ever.

I embrace it.

What else can I do?

Sometimes, even when I can't sleep-

I shouldn't try to blog.

Especially at 13 til midnight.

The writer's block curse begins at that time and I have yet to decipher the time at which it shall end.

Until next time...

Here's Regina. Just wasting your time with ramblings of exhaustion, worries, and dreads about the tomorrow.

At 12:01, tomorrow began.

14 minutes for this post.

I am too anxious.

I'm so tired.

I have exams this weekend.

I'm moving this weekend.

Tomorrow's meeting will determine my future.

I've decided my future.

Doing the things that the future I want mandates has not-
and, WILL NOT-
be easy.

So wanders my restless mind...
at 12:03AM.

I am ready for today before today is ready for me.
Maybe that's my problem.
Maybe that's my solution.

No more attempts for sense-making, friends. Time for sleep.

Here's what always helps me drift off to dreamland... Hope it helps you, too. :)

 Goodnight, sleepy bears. Better blogs will follow. I promise. Sweet dreams. :)

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