Monday, November 4, 2013

Letting Go.

Sometimes, you reach a point in your life that prompts you to question how you ever let so many things  weigh you down.

Whether it's your work, hobbies, relationships, marriage, friendships, obligations-

You let whatever it is burden you.
You held on hoping it would get better.
You tried your best.
You really did.

Still, you have this day when everything in your life seems less stressful-
It seems to make more sense than usual.
Perhaps you've slept well and are thinking more clearly that day-
Or, maybe you just decided to come to terms with the facts you'd chosen to ignore for way too long.


Letting Go.
Two words.
so much more, though.

Something has to give. You realize it, but this time-
you don't feel so stressed out about it.
You accept this willingly...

That's when it's time.
You close your eyes and you hope you're next moves achieve all the wonderful goals you set for yourself so long ago...

Somehow, you know you're headed in the right direction for all of that to finally come true.

Letting go isn't easy.
But there's something about it that makes you feel lighter, and more capable of achieving more than you ever imagined.

You feel hopeful again.
You know you can do it.
This time-

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