Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Lives On Dunailie Drive - Leaving The House That Was Our Home

 The early days of Dunailie... 
when Halle fit in a suitcase and we lived 
in the downstairs portion of the house...

 Feels so long ago, sometimes. 

Today is bittersweet as we reflect on all the memories 
we made in the house that became our home. 

We leave Dunailie Drive today but 
these memories travel with us 
as we move on
to the next chapter of our lives...

When I moved in with Josh, our parents had some concerns 
about our not-married-yet relationship status. 
They still supported us-
even when we added a new puppy to our not-yet-married family. 

We got married. 
Halle arrived first, though. 
A tiny puppy sits here, years ago, on Dunailie Drive...
My, how far we have come since the day this photo was taken!

My best and most favorite memories happened here in this house. This is one of them...

From this little Craigslist puppy, who chewed EVERYTHING...

To THIS still-not-fully-grown dog 
that we finally trained to respect our things. :)
Famous Dave's 

Josh and I will move to a new house. 
More memories will be made there. 
Those made here, on Dunailie Drive, 
are packed in my heart 
to take with me 
to every house
that our love 
makes HOME. 

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