Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moon Glass Window Writings

I've not yet adapted to a normal human's schedule. I wake up when the moon is still out- usually around 4AM. I am not sure yet if that hour is one I should change, as far as my daily routine events go. I enjoy having some quiet time to myself in the mornings. I grab my Nikon or iPhone and step outside to let our dogs out before the sun rises over our new fenced-in backyard. Our new house is perfect for us. The dogs have adjusted well, although Lucy has become a little 'mama's girl' ever since we moved in. Our old house was all she knew and she still follows me around the new house with the need to be in whatever room I'm occupying. Lucy is normally my husband's baby. I like that she's come to her senses lately. Anyway, when the dogs do their morning doo- - he he, (I giggle.), I sometimes snap a few pictures. It's dark and there isn't much to see but on this particular morning, the moonlight through the glass door glistened to catch my camera's attention. Making the moon a letter as I wrote on the chilly glass, I smiled at the result of this effort. Moon Glass Window Writings photo by me- I hope it makes you smile, too.


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