Friday, February 21, 2014

MAKE IT PINK! :) My VIsit with Mamaw Rose & Life Lessons Learned

No posts since V-Day. Weeeellllp..., here goes...

I've been finding myself?

No excuses for the slacking on blog posts.

But, really...

I don't really know what to post, at times.

I've started other blogs.

Lifelooklens has been neglected. After I closed my Etsy Lifelooklens shop, I guess I just felt weird about blogging here.

No idea why, really...

Especially since I never seem to have a problem saying (or typing) what I think.

Life has changed a lot for me.

To catch up on the PHOTO PER DAY goal, it would take me several hours in order to update this random jump-around-to-this-n-that-blog.

Maybe choosing a specific blogging topic would've been a better idea than to write about the million different ideas and ambitions I have going on inside this weird lil' head...

My Mamaw called me 'weird' the other day.

Doesn't surprise me and, in fact- I'm always thankful for her candor.

Prior to my grandmother's loving adjective-weird-type disclosure/discription for her grand-daughter, the following conversation occurred:

" Sometimes, I just think about painting the house bright pink and purple. You know, purple shutters. The rest of the house, bright pink." - Mamaw.

Me: " YOU SHOULD DO THAT! WHY NOT? I mean, you've always loved those colors so it would look like a dollhouse. A gorgeous dollhouse with a LAKE VIEW? Oh, I think it's wonderful!"

Mamaw: "What would people think?"

(MUCH LAUGHTER ENSUES, shared by Mamaw and me, as we watch HTGV at her (blue-painted) house near the lake...)

Me: "WHO CARES?!!... I mean, I love that idea... OOOOhhhhh, you know what would be even cooler? What if you painted the house with that glow-in-the-dark paint they've got out these days, Mamaw? Then, your house would just GLOW!!! Miles away, people would wonder whose awesome house was up on that hill in the distance, you know. And... it WOULD BE YOUR HOUSE. It would be YOUR Glow-in-the-dark HOUSE!!"

Mamaw: "Of course you'd think that, Regina, but... you're weird."

And, that was when my grandmother called me 'weird', though I was not offended and my weirdness was, perhaps, encouraged by her statement...

Me: "You think I'm weird, Mamaw?"

Mamaw: "Well, it's just that you're always up for those crazy ideas. I've got to think about what's practical, though- you know that, right? I can't very well paint the house bright pink and purple or- "

Me: "WHY NOT!!?"

Mamaw: "No one would want to ever buy the house. I won't be here forever and I've got to think about appraisal and property value factors..." (insert more practical-no-fun-thinkings here...)

Me: "Mamaw, I know. I know. It's just... It WOULD be pretty cool. Like, REALLY AWESOME... I get what you're saying, though. I just don't think there's anything you could do to depreciate the value of this house. I mean, that lake view ALONE is worth more than any pink paint could hurt!"

Mamaw: "Of course you kids think that but you've all got memories here. You grew up here, so you're all a bit biased about this place."

Me: "The tow guy commented about 'what a nice place you've got here', when he came today to get the old car, you know. He's not biased. He'd never been here. To tell you the truth, Mamaw..., it was kinda creepy. He was the weird-o. I'm normal."

This past weekend, Mamaw and I built a soccer goal together... made from 'trash' that my little cousin Katie and I dragged up into Mamaw's yard from the woods. Yep. We did that. It was all my 10-year-old Katie's idea. I was supposed to be the grown-up. Mamaw told me that as we hammered nails into a tree to hold up our (my) make-shift soccer net.

I laughed more with Mamaw during my three-day visit with her this past week. I miss her already, but Tiny II (the puppy I gave her) now has a car seat. (don't judge us.) AND... Katie might still have a soccer net- not sure how it held up after I left, but Mamaw helped make my 'brilliant' idea happen!'. James can climb trees now. I can help him get down when he gets stuck.

One last thing...

Mamaw should paint that house glow-in-the-dark PINK AND PURPLE.

With a view like this, WHO WOULD CARE. :)


Glow-in-the-dark PINK, Mamaw. Think about it. :) I love you to pieces.


Your weird little granddaughter,
who is ALWAYS full of fantastic ideas. :)

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