Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today is Awesome & Other Breaking Headlines of Equal Awesom-y-ness

Today I woke up to find that the story I'd written for the 'WeSaidGoTravel' Inspiration Writing Contest had been published online. I've been kind of proud of myself today. Okay... I've been really, REALLY proud. Still, I really hate to come off as though I am completely self-absorbed. Today, I kind of... AM.
I think it's okay to give yourself some credit when something awesome and unexpectedly good happens, though. After all, it's been a rough year. Last year, I mean.

This year...
This year is starting off rather... WELL.

I'm not sure whether or not my grandmother has read the story I wrote yet or not. When I called her this morning, she was heading off to file her taxes. This will be the first time she's done that without Papa. I could hear the nervousness and determination in her voice when I called her early this morning. Little things that we all take for granted seem more important to me now. For example, filing taxes. I HATE filing taxes... but, I've filed mine each year that followed the day I got married.

Couples split up responsibilities differently. For Josh and I, the paperwork and financial responsibilities of dreaded tax season fall on this lady right here. I, however, refuse to wash dishes. I hate washing dishes more than I hate taxes. It's one of those weird things, I guess. I'd rather file your taxes than wash your crummy, yuck-yuck dishes.

Today, I have given myself no responsibilities. No dishes. No taxes. Today, I've enjoyed the success of having something I've written... noticed.

I don't expect to win the Inspiration Writing Contest. Just having my story be one that was chosen for sharing feels spectacular. That little 'about the author, Regina Hodge', part at the end... Well, THAT- in and of itself, is worth celebrating. Having my grandmother tell me how proud she is of me...
That's winning.
Somehow raising enough money to take Mamaw Rose to Venice?
I'll think about that tomorrow... :)

Thanks to all friends and family who took time to read what I wrote! You guys are freakin' awesome.

For the be-boppers, be-boppin' around online who end up on this completely random blog...
Go read this and say something nice, will ya? :)

Papa was awesome.
Maybe I inherited a little part of that...

Stay tuned, lil' readers. I've been busy writing my first children's book. It's done. The illustrations... well, they're coming along. The publishers and the money to publish the book? You know, some things just have to work themselves out. Today, I dominated life. Tomorrow, I will be humble Regina again. Thanks for reading, fellow comrades of awesome-ness. :)

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