Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shadow Art D.I.Y. & Crafty Paper Cut-outs for Fun With LIGHTS. :)

Maybe I have a little too much time on my hands. Maybe I just like making weird stuff. Maybe my latest artsy kick is to play with shadows. It's totally normal. I mean, every girl does that stuff... right? :)

Don't care. I like trying new things and shadow art is a new little interest I discovered I'm into, lately. The picture above is one I took of a poster-board cut-out I made. The actual cut-out design stops at the woman's fingertips. The shadow that the cutout makes is way cooler than the design, itself.
Pretty cool, right?
The hand makes the shadow to the right of the picture. Then, shazaaam! Shadow art.
D.I.Y. is easy. Trace the girl and her arm on the left of the pic. Stop where it appears as though the hands (fingertips) are touching. By stop, I mean with the scissors.
Adjust lamp lighting by moving back and forth around your living room like a crazy person. It drives my dogs insane when I try out one of my new little experiments! Anyway, taking the lamp shade off usually works best. Snap a pic. Art. It's that easy.
I can't remember where I saw the video that made me want to try shadow art stuff... Now, that's going to bother me. If and when I find it, I'll upload it here. The video and the artists in it will put my little DIY project to shame. Still, it's awesome what those people can do! Making art out of shadows... you should try it sometime. :)

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