Sunday, March 16, 2014

LinkedIn & Other Sunday Scrambled Egg Thoughts I Have... Mostly #LinkedIn Predictions of #Phaseout

I hate LinkedIn.
Sure, sure...

I know.
LinkedIn lets you...
'link in'

So, why the negative chatter?

It's outdated.
and, quite frankly...
I think it's STUPID.

Only, much like Facebook...
I find myself bitching about it and threatening to delete it-
more often than I actually take any type of action on either of those key complaints.

I update my profile.


LinkedIn TELLS every 'frickin' body that I updated it.

I can also see who views my profile on LinkedIn.

My former co-workers have been curious as to what their ole' pal's been up to, lately...
Not really.
I'd do it, too, were I still in that office.

I don't get on LinkedIn much.
I think older generations use it more than the young-pup mid-late 20-something's like...

For getting your point across,
whether it be business or personal matters you wish to tell the world-

Seems that Twitter, Keep, Pinterest, and Fancy
are your better options.

I'll Pin til the day I die.
Pinterest has yet to be out-done, although I do keep an eye out for rising competitors...
You know,
just so I can
show Pinterest how loyal a'pinna I am! :)


We're all bigger into social media.
It's what works.
It's what's hip, happenin', down, jive, the bomb'diggity, shit, shizzles, or---
as the 'new kids' are saying these days...

When did "That's EPIC!" become so...


Wonder what that new generation thinks about LinkedIn.

Bet they've never heard of it.

Bet they'll never use it.

Bet I will not de-activate my account just yet,
ya know,
... in case I'm wrong.
(doesn't happen often, but you never know... :)

LinkedIn gets on my nerves.

However, too many former supervisors and 'elder-Linked-ers', as I affectionately call them---


Oh, gee-gollies.
I've been enDORSED!

So, until all that moves on over to something that doesn't tell me who either looks at my profile to make fun of me or to potentially hire me (because why else are they looking unless I'm THAT interesting, which I'm not...) ...

I'll be on LinkedIn.
Don't believe all the stuff I write there, though.
It's true, but probably too unprofessional if you're of the elder-linkedIn-er generation I keep around for selfish endorsing purposes...

My LinkedIn is honest.
Too honest.
It is not written to get me hired.
you know-

It would have.

It's all about who you know.


Good for you if your LinkedIn looks awesome.
You have an awesome LINKEDIN PROFILE!

Give it 10 years.
Save all that data.

I will, too.

Because we all need those endorsements, regardless of what new hippidy-job-catchin' device these new kiddos come up with....

Much love.

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