Saturday, September 14, 2013

Eclectic Mix

Now that I've got a new camera, I can't STOP taking pictures. Life had gotten too hectic, pre-Nikon era. (those were dark times, my friends.) My passion for photography has been revived. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all the pictures I've snapped. Posting them here seems fitting.

Taking pictures of the small things in nature seems to be my current snapshot trend, but I'm trying to get the hang of my new gadget. Here are the random practice shots from my ongoing experiments...Enjoy!

 It's been official that my neighbors think I'm weird. I'm okay with that. They're just jealous of my awesome camera, I've decided. They watch me suspiciously when I go outside to take shots like this one- just a latch on our door. I like to think they talk about me over their family dinner and would love to be a fly on their kitchen walls so I could listen to their theories in explaining their neighbor's odd behavior.
It was getting dark outside and I wanted to see how the Nikon would do in such low lighting. I've been trying different things with settings but the flash is my friend when it's this dark outside. A new lens may be in store for my future, but I think this one turned out okay for now. :) (Husband in conserve-money-mode and I should adopt that practice, too.)
 Josh makes a great model, apart from his resistance to being a model. I told him I needed to practice so he said I could take a few of him that evening. Since then, I've had to steal picture-moments when he isn't looking. I really like this one of my husband, whose resistance to having pictures taken of him makes it more fun for me to try.

I'd like to say that the lighting is as I had intended for it to be in this shot, but that would be a lie and we don't like lies here. I took this picture of my dog, Lucy, who follows me everywhere. It must be a terrier thing because you can't go into a room without being trailed. I angled the flash too much in this shot I took from the bottom of our staircase. Still, Lucy's nosiness in this picture cracks me up.

Heart leaves are kind of an obsession for me. There's a water droplet hanging here that I tried to focus on, but the green color camouflages it. Still learning but it was dark so don't judge too harshly.

I think people call this blue color 'Moroccan'. Whatever it is, it's a pretty shade.

If anybody knows (and I'm sure many do) how to set a Nikon to get better shots with indoor lighting...please do not withhold your secrets from me. I have trouble getting shots in dim or indoor lighting surroundings. Tell me what to do to make shots like this one better. :)

Welcome to the Hodge library. It', unlike any other library. It's also hard to take a picture that captures the eclectic mix of this-n-that. For shots with many items, like this one, which settings do I use? Advice needed, friends. :) Anyway, I like Dean Koontz. I like frames and old pharmacy bottles and other random stuff that I put on my bookshelves. I also like my camera. Make me better at using it, please. :)

Have a great weekend, friends. More pictures (better pictures) to come! :)

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