Monday, September 23, 2013

Hands On Art Project for RODP Art Appreciation Course

I have a "Hands-On" project due for my RODP Art Appreciation class today. My professor will not allow me to use my iPad app, 'Paper', to sketch for my project. He said that since it's a "hands-on" project, raw materials should be used instead of an iPad.

Now, it's a good thing that I know how to draw with sketch pencils and that crafting artistic stuff has always been a hobby of mine. If none of these things were true, I would have been more irritated than I was to receive his "no-iPad's-allowed" email.

I don't think I explained my request clearly to this master RODP instructor. Surely, he knows that for one to draw on an iPad 'Paper' sketchpad, one must exercise the 'hands-on' method as much as one does when sketching with pencils.

I guess my professor doesn't know that.

To give him an idea of the artwork I enjoy making, I sent several web links to this professor. Those links had tons of photos and sketches I've made.

I thought to myself, "I shouldn't have to draw or make anything else for this class, once he gets a load of this blog right here!"

I was wrong.

He didn't comment on any of the blogs I'd emailed for his viewing. He really just focused on the 'no-iPad' part that would now make me fit one more assignment in my crazy hectic schedule.


I wonder if he'd know it if I drew a picture on my iPad, anyway...

Since we are supposed to take a picture of whatever we make, how would he know I didn't use a pencil to draw?

He wouldn't.

He doesn't know that screenshots will serve to break the rule that defies the entire point of the whole class. ART APPRECIATION.

Maybe my professor should appreciate technology's contributions to art. Maybe he should appreciate that I can make a masterpiece by using one finger as a drawing tool on the 'Paper' app.

Seems that I'm not the only one who really needs to pay RODP to teach me lessons in Art Appreciation.

Nevertheless, I have decided that I will not try to fool my professor by screenshot-ting an iPad drawing.
Instead, I'm going to use pencils.
I just wish I could think of something to draw with those pencils that would express how I feel about this class right now.

Time to start drawing...

no iPad allowed.

Let's see what I come up with... :)

Post of my project soon! It's due today, so I've gotta get busy! :)

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