Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Grand Revealing - RODP Art Project for Online Classes at NSCC

My "Hands-On" Art Project needed to make a political, social, or personal statement, according to the assignment requirements. 

For those who read my last post, you are aware of the forbiddance of iPads to be used as drawing tools in this project. 

You are also aware of my feelings about this, as well as those involved in my Art Appreciation class at good ole' RODP - 
an online class that I frequently use iPhone, iPad, and Mac to access from any location.

Although frustrated by the prohibiting of all things artistic and technological, I put aside these feelings long enough yesterday to complete the assignment the old-school way that my professor recommended.

Sketch pencils, charcoal, and pencil shavings still litter my dining room table. That mess could have been neatly stored away in the iPad 'Paper' app, for which I am quite the advocate as most of you know by now.

Anyway, I drew this sketch below before I'd received additional requirements for the project that designated all creations should have an overall theme. Since the drawing below is personal to me and I didn't want to explain it to my class, I decided not to use it for my project.

I drew this with sketch pencils...(only.)

I have been trying to re-create a drawing of my Papa since he passed away in late April this year. 

Above, I sketched out the lower half of his face. I've made several attempts to sketch an image that resembles an old photo of my late grandfather, without success. 

Anyway, I didn't want to go into the details of why this sketch means something to me- at least, not to my iPad-hating professor- even though I only used pencils to make this one.

I had to start all over to make a project that would convey the whole social/political/personal statement-thing...

So, I did.

I scribbled angrily and came up with a cartoon that I hope will result in a good grade.

Here it is...
"The Road to College is Paved With..."
That's what I call this one. Probably could've chosen a better title but by the time I finished drawing, I felt exhausted. I still had to write a statement that explained my doodle's meaning. Smudgy keyboard letters are still the result of the mess those pencils made yesterday.

We had to take pictures of our projects. I took several, hoping that I'd get a few that would be decent enough and clear enough to show the detail I'd sketched into a drawing that conveys all aspects required for the project.

I like what this ended up looking like- I adapted a previous version that I'd drawn on my iPad, which I'd learned could not be accepted for this project. Art Appreciation is hard to appreciate in moments like that. Nonetheless, the professor did end up contributing to a better rendition of my previous idea for this cartoon. It wasn't because of the pencils, though- It was just the re-drawing of the concept that made me  change it up a little to avoid repetition, boredom, and artistic insanity.

Perhaps I should get extra credit for a #selfie ? Proof of #noipad usage. :) 
Normally, the lines wouldn't be so dark. I was a bit angry. Makes sense, right? Also, creates more contrast so it's okay to draw when one is angry. :) 
Okay, do you see it? 
What's it say? 
Tilt your head a little to your right. 
No, your other right. 

Haha...yeah, not that funny, I know.
Anyway, you see that the sketch says 'DEBT' now. 
You didn't see that at first, did you? 
If you did, yay for you. 

We don't care. 
You're great. This is for the rest of the viewers...

I did answer the title of my art project's question. 

What's the road to college paved with? 

A+ for all of you! Yes! DEBT! It most certainly is! 

You are all so smart. In fact, I think you appreciate art! 

Too bad you'll have to pay to take the class, anyway. 

Hopefully, I'll get the same grade I gave all of you. 
Wish me luck. :/

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