Monday, October 21, 2013

Costume Ideas- Scarlett O'Hara Costume & Renting Costumes for Halloween

Renting a costume is definitely the way to go
 for Halloween this year

Costumes and costume ideas are easy when there's a huge selection of rental costumes to choose from at Performance Studios, Inc

I've always purchased costumes from this store in Nashville, Tennessee. 
This year, I decided to try renting a costume for Halloween. 

I couldn't be happier about that decision! 

I'll definitely be renting costumes from now on
especially from my favorite costume store! 


So, there are lots of 'Southern Belle' costumes available. Whether you shop online or in-store, you'll see a zillion costumes that look about the same. You want something different, though, right? You don't want to settle on a costume that just halfway meets your expectations. You want people to know who or what you're dressed up as for your Halloween festivities, right. Of course you do. I did, too. That's why, even though there were plenty of costumes to convey that I sort-of looked like Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind, none of them quite did Vivien Leigh justice.


I found the rental costume section at 
Performance Studios, Inc., in Nashville.

I'm not usually one to promote businesses (other than the recruitment of foster parents) on my blog, but... I really have to recommend Performance Studios, Inc. for any costume considerations this year. I'd always loved this place, but after trying out a rental costume-
I am addicted.

I am probably not going to purchase many costumes in the future since I normally just wear them once or twice for Halloween parties.

That's why renting my Scarlett O'Hara costume made so much more sense! 

Check out the green dress in these pictures, friends. CLEARLY, I am Scarlett O'Hara. The quality of the costume I rented was spectacular. And... cost to rent everything you see in these pictures was $60.00. For an entire week. Hat, hoop skirt, EVERYTHING. And the staff at P.S. clean the costumes for you when you bring them back. Unless you are planning some sort of crazy destructive evening for Halloween, you're unlikely to ruin a rental costume. You'd have to try to ruin it, actually. That part scared me away from renting at first, but the costume was still clean at the end of my Halloween party-nesses to evidence that you'll be just fine.

More pics to come as our October/Halloween-ness continues...

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