Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 13, 2013 Photos of the Day Nature Photography of Autumn in Tennessee

Boredom led me outside on this cloudy Sunday morning.

 It's one of those days when the weather makes it hard for me to get motivated to even take a shower. Blame it on the gray skies or my laziness. Your choice.

Anyway, I took the ole' Nikon (actually, new one) outside to do a practice run again in my backyard.

Sometimes, I go for a drive in search of places to take pictures. Today, I think I'll stick around the house and do nothing.

It's Sunday and it's okay to be lazy as long as I take a few pictures.

 I'm working on taking more pictures every day, with hopes that the more I use this new camera the better I'll get. We shall see.

Here are the lazy Sunday morning shots from my morning stroll to the backyard...

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