Tuesday, October 8, 2013

She's Crafty! Cheap DIY Craft Ideas & Easy-to-Make Wall Art How to Guides

I can be one crafty little lady. 

Craft ideas for DIY projects are always running through my head. Rarely, do I have or find the time to actually do something about those artsy ideas. I've been trying to do better about that. Making art is like therapy. 

Here, I'll show you my projects and how I made them so you can copy my creative genius. :) 

This project is simple.
This one (pictured above) is my first attempt and later versions of this wall art DIY turned out better than this one.

Still, it's the most simple one to explain... Also, it's fun!


- a can of spray paint (I used blue) If you want more colors (which I did, in later versions) pick up a few colors that go well together or that match your home decor. 

- Large sheet of paper or poster board. 
(I got everything I needed at the Dollar General for
less than $3.00!)

- A place outside where leaves, grass, twigs, and other items are free of charge and plentiful. My backyard worked well for this requirement! 

- To wear clothes you don't care about. If you're like me, you'll get carried away once you start spray-painting and you'll cover yourself as much as the paper. Just wear something that you won't care about if your creativity ruins it! 


STEP #1: Gather broken branches, leaves, twigs, flower petals, rocks, and anything in your yard that looks the least bit interesting. Heavy, dense twigs are best so that they stay on the paper when you start to spray-paint. Flower petals can be tricky since they blow away unless you angle the paint can at just the right spot to spray over them. Just go pick up stuff in your yard. Tell the neighbors to mind their own business while you're out there. Mine never do. :)

STEP #2: Scatter (or carefully arrange- it's up to you, really) your grassy, leafy, what-nots onto your poster/paper. Placing a couple rocks on the corners or finding a place that isn't windy will help you keep from chasing your art project all over your yard. Again, if this happens- fear not. Your neighbors will watch you with cautious interest but tell them you're an artist. Usually, that makes them afraid enough to go back in their houses. 

STEP #3: Now that you've got everything in place on your paper, begin spray-painting a light coat over your items. I say LIGHT coat of paint, because you'll want to test this out first. Some items will move if you're too close so this helps you get some practice so you don't have to start over if you ruin it. It took me several tries to figure out how to position the can to get the effect I wanted. Not hard, but just a good idea to start lightly spraying first. 

STEP #4: If you have more than one color of paint, switch them up! Metallic gold or silver really look awesome with blue and you can change up heavy and light coats on top of the blue outlines to make a pretty effect! 


After you've tried this simple #DIY craft project, mix things up with the same spray-painting technique to create more wall art that you can be proud to tell friends you made! Here are more of my projects that you can use as inspiration... :) 

Easy, Cheap, Pretty, and FUN! :) Now, that's my kind of craft project and favorite #DIY!

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