Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas for Themes & Parties

Last year, I was Cat Woman.
I say this every chance I get and I will keep saying it until I'm an old lady.
It was a proud Halloween in 2012 when I strolled into the costume party as Cat Woman.

This year, I've had more trouble thinking of costume ideas. 

My Aunt Tina and David, her husband, both share my passion for all things festive and holiday-related. They GO ALL OUT to host big parties that put your best Pinterest ideas to shame.

This year, the theme of our big Halloween party is 'DECADES'.

Last year, our theme was 'HEROES & VILLIANS'.

The Decades theme had been giving me some trouble, as far as planning for my Halloween costume.
Thanks to my sister, this problem was recently solved. We are going to look awesome.

I first thought I'd be Scarlett O'Hara of Gone With The Wind.

Not a bad costume choice, but since I wanted that specific green curtain dress she wore in the movie, my budget did not permit me to be Mrs. Scarlett. Even after ordering the Southern Belle wig on Ebay, I found that the outrageous cost for the costume would not be one that I could just sneak quietly by my husband on our bank statement.

I considered renting the costume, but only briefly. I realized that I enjoy romping around on Halloween and do not want to limit my fun for fear of my ruining a rental Scarlett O'Hara dress.

I thought about being Cat Woman again but couldn't come up with a good explanation for why this costume would be as appropriate for a Decades theme as it was for the Hero/Villain party. Tragic, I know.

My sister, Tracie (star character of my cartoon series, Tracie Toons) saved the day and the upcoming Halloween party for me.

Good Sandy, Bad Sandy. 
Genius little sister, that Tracie. Of course, those who know my sister and me can guess who Good Sandy and Bad Sandy will be this year. Grease is a classic. Tracie and I used to watch that movie all the time. We know all the songs. We know too many movie quotes and musicals are kind of our thing. Being a duo of Sandy is perfect for us.

Normally, I don't reveal my costume choice before Halloween.
I'm not sure who I think worries about what I'll be, but I like keeping the anticipation and wondering going for them. Not this year, though. This year, I'm telling our secret.
I'm telling because I want any other party-goers to know that we will out-Sandy you any day of the week.

We will especially out-Sandy you on Halloween.

See my posts from last year if you're still trying to decide what costume you'll wear this Halloween. Costume ideas in October 2012 blog posts should help you out!

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