Thursday, October 24, 2013

Waiting for Renter Application Approval is HELL.

Waiting to hear about your rental application is awful. It makes you crazy just wondering whether or not the owner will pick you to live in the house you want so much to be yours.

Josh and I went to a home showing last night.

We want to rent this house so badly that we hardly got any sleep last night after we got home from the viewing.

Property management agents are involved and the owner of the home will ultimately make a decision about who gets to live in her awesome house.

Meanwhile, I pace around the house and jump every time the phone rings.

It's stressful.

I had no idea so much was required for renting a home until we applied yesterday.

This whole process reminds me of what I ask of parent applicants to send me in order to approve them to foster or adopt kids in the child welfare system.

Applying to rent a home isn't as involved as becoming an approved resource parent, but I'm learning that many of the requirements are the same.

Income must be verified. Background checks must be conducted. Credit scores are checked. Questions are asked. Personal information is given. Dreams are placed on hold until someone else makes a decision that will change your life.

Yep- all that has really put me on the other side of things this time. Now I understand the way the families I work with feel during the waiting process for foster parent approval.


I just want to rent a house.

I wish they'd just call me back.

I keep having to control the urge to call again or text to ask for another update. That has got to get on their nerves. I know because I've been in a similar position as these property management agents. Just in child-placement, though- the paperwork and endless phone calls are still the same for both careers.

This time, I'm the one waiting.

I hate it.

I am afraid.

I feel worried.

Anxious, scared, nervous, excited, hopeful, and sick to my stomach...all together in a mix of please-call-me-back-ness that's nearly unbearable.

I hope that we are approved to rent the house we know is the perfect place for us.

I hope that they see beyond the paperwork and flaws that may be on our renter application.

I hope the owner decides today when the property managers talk to her about our file. So far, there's another applicant for the same home we are applying to rent. That person's file will also be reviewed by the owner.

I hope that file is awful. I hope that everything I've kept myself up all night worrying about will pay off and that I somehow find this good news out by the end of the day.

I hope...

It's hard when you know you've done all you can to make your goal or dream happen and you must surrender all of your effort to another person with the hope that they will make it all worth it for you.

Unfortunately, I know all too well what the other side of this application process looks like.
I'm not the only person or applicant that these agents have to process.
I realize that. All too well do I know that I am one of many to-do's on their daily task list.
I know what it's like to judge a person by their paperwork. I know how to determine someone's approval by glancing through the pile of verifications that takes them months to accumulate for me.
I know that the very same judgment may be happening right now, as agent and owner eyes view our application file and size us up. I just hope they see that we're the right choice. I'm sure the other applicant does, too. I wonder if they are pacing around or typing nonsense blogs right now just to pass some time, too. I wonder if they're taking the call that lets them know they were picked to be the next home renters. God, I hope not. I just really need some closure or some sort of mild tranquilizer, I think. Too much coffee.

So much coffee since 7:30 AM when the agent said she could use more documents to strengthen aspects of our renter application. Gathering papers, making calls, requesting references, making copies, running from here-to-there, typing, emailing, calling again, text back, no update, submit..., etc...

All that has gone on as more coffee is consumed by my tired little just-gimme-the-house self, right about now.

If I call them back, they'll surely think I'm crazy.

Still, I'll never wonder again why the parents who are in-progress call me repeatedly after I've reviewed their foster parent files. I'll understand more about how they feel and I'll do my best put an end to their misery that is waiting.

12:30 PM... silence. no calls yet. need a call. need to know. need closure.

need to take a nap and hope that this waiting thing ends soon, either way. The not-knowing is the worst part.

More to come as soon as I know.


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