Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Jackpot Egg - A Cannon Family Tradition of Crazy Easter Egg Hunts on The Farm

Realizing that my last post probably didn't go over well with some readers, I have decided to write about happier things this Saturday morning. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. I LOVE EASTER.

This year, we're estimating 50-75+ people are coming to our family's annual Easter egg hunt.
I'm related to 90% of those folks, although I haven't seen many of them in years.
Big family is an understatement.
I love it.

Yesterday, I went to my Aunt Renee's house to help set things up for the big egg hunt that's happening tomorrow.

She's put in a lot of work to make sure everything looks awesome. I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE my aunts' new house. It's PERFECT for having tons of people over!

Anyway, I get super excited about Easter.
It's my favorite holiday, second only to Christmas.

Our family does Easter like no other.
I don't mean to sound brag-gy, but -
our Easter egg hunts


We hide what we call the "Jackpot egg" every year.
Everybody donates a few bucks to put towards the Grand Prize pool.
Depending on how many guests show up,
the finder of that one little egg
walks away from the hunt
with a good wad of cash.

We are competitive.

It's all in good fun, though.
It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember.
The little kids pick up all the other eggs,
but everybody-
young and old...
all who attend...

join in the hunt for the Jackpot egg.

Seems easy, right?
we bury it.

Most years, someone's yard is torn to shreds by a mob of Egg-crazed Cannons and friends...
We dig.
There are giant holes left in the ground when we've been released into the field where Jackpot egg awaits our finding.

When time has passed and no egg has turned up,
the boundaries are narrowed to send us all into
an even crazier frenzy.

It's exciting when you think you're getting close to that egg.
It's also worth pushing your cousins when they encroach on your territory.
Sounds pretty redneck, huh?
Yeah, well...
We like it.
You'd do it, too...

Nobody ever gets hurt and we don't brawl or fight to get the egg...
just a push or two when needed.

I hope like I hope every year

I think I found it maybe one time...
years ago...
or maybe I just imagined that little victory...
not sure.

I'm ready for Easter.


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