Friday, April 4, 2014

What Am I Good At?

"What am I good at?"

I asked my husband this question tonight.
I actually...
Blurted out
what I've been wondering for some time...

"What?," Josh replied.

Wife wants confirmation of what she thinks-
states out loud,
and knows in her head and heart...


Husband wants more logical information, upon which he may formulate a reasonable, non-feeling-based opinion...

Normal dude answer...
Given in the form of another question.

I sigh, frustratedly and state, "I mean..., it's just that, well., I feel...."

Normal wife's reply is vague.
This time, her reply is founded upon what she knows to be true.
Which are...
Her feelings.

Don't underestimate her.
Though her 'feelings' be undermined by many,
they are real.
They are true.

aren't expressed in a simplified, logical way that a man who must live with her would easily interpret...

I do not seek to establish or perpetuate gender in this blog.
Gender isn't the topic.
I am.

(DUH., it's my BLOG, right?)

Cue tonight's conversation...

"Well, I feel like I try hard at everything... you know?"

I see that Josh doesn't want to have this conversation. I know by the way he squirms uncomfortably-
in his cushy little old-man robe that I washed for him today...

"I know, baby. I am really proud of you and how hard you've been working. I like that canvas you put up there, by the way. Dinner was awesome. I think it was even better than the last time you made that!"

Josh gives me credit.
He encourages me when I feel down and he annoys me with efforts to cheer me up when I think no one can... He succeeds...

at everything.

Today, I did laundry. LOTS of laundry.
I applied to 10 jobs...
I painted 2 canvases.
I scrubbed floors,
did more laundry,
went to the grocery store- -
(and still forgot coffee..., dammit.)
Called my mom.
She's sick.
Called her again.
She's better than sick, but not all the way...

I cooked the most badass stuffed bell peppers in the freakin' universe.


To many people,
that list of daily tasks may seem easy.

It's not.

I thought it was, too...-
Until it became my job.

Then, I started wondering...
Why do we all criticize and look down on others?

I wondered that because I thought I was on top of the world when I was working my way up in social work fields,
only to hit a brick wall called,
a Master's Degree in Social Work.

That's another story...

I get distracted, you see.

Back to the original story-

Josh was all like, "Regina, you're great..."
and, I was all like, "MhhhhhhYYYYYYYEEEEEeeehhhh!"... ?

You remember.

The brief synopsis of this evening is as follows: 

Me: "What am I good at. I mean, THE BEST at?
Him: "Writing."


Me: "Why?"
Him: "You... just have this WAY of drawing me in... It can be anything, even the boring stuff. You could be talking (or, writing) about getting out of bed (in the morning) and I'd be hooked. Sorry, Gina. I swear, I think you're REALLY good.
Me: "Writing is exhausting."
Him: "I think most writers think and say that, actually."
Me: "Well, good. They're right."

Get it?
Right = Write ????


No, that's not the rest of the story. I added that jester-ly portion at the end, just so you know I'm a gem at humor...




Is it?


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