Wednesday, April 2, 2014

100 Happy Days Project : Day 1 of Lifelooklens Regina Hodge Get HappyBook

If you haven't heard about #100happydays and how the simple project promotes positive thinking habits that actually (well, supposedly...) MAKE YOU HAPPIER... - -

 I hope you'll join me on this first day of my latest little project!

I stumbled upon (facebooked upon, actually...) this whole thing.

Curious about what sort of assignment
 could honestly promise -

 deliver -

greater feelings of happiness,

I click-sied the link.


I've been taking pictures.
I always have.
I'm just actively looking for the ones that make me happy now.

It's kinda weird, I know.



is DAY THREE of my 100 Days of Happiness project.

One picture per day.
That's basically the entire assignment.

(Seems like I gave that assignment already to myself, only to fail.)

Now that I've signed up for this one,
I have to say...

I like it.

It might MIGHT...


More to make you happy,
coming soon.


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