Monday, April 21, 2014

Writer's Block & How To Beat It - Stop Thinking. Start Writing. Stop Worrying. Beat the Block to Find Your Creative Inspiration

That moment when you're stuck. Your fingers are poised and ready to strike the keys that will tell your story. You DO have a story. You know that. Nobody else does, though, because your paralyzed little digits are worthless right now. So, you just start typing something. Anything. Whatever you can make your mind tell your fingers that makes them mysteriously 'work' again...

It's writer's block.
It's common.
It sucks.
We all hate it.
Writers, especially.

You feel this...
to write...
to say

But, you sit there at your desk...
staring at a blank screen.
It's bright.
It's empty.
Your words need to fill up the pages in front of you.
your fingers...
they aren't moving.

you're thinking TOO MUCH.

You aren't typing.
Type anything.
It doesn't have to be good.
It doesn't have to be interesting...
It's there, in your mind- -
the story you want to share...
It can't ever come out unless your stupid fingers ...

You're still not typing anything worth reading, are you?
You're telling yourself that you can't do it.
Your fingers are stuck, after all...
you probably should just give up.

Try again another time.
The next time will be better.
You'll get it out, then...
for sure.
You have no doubt.
Now's not the time to write.

Maybe tomorrow would be better.
But- -

your fingers start flying across the keys that have been taunting you...,
daring you to hit them.
You don't care what you're writing about or whether or not you're rambling on and on about nothing that anybody would ever read or want to read or regrets reading right now.
You just need to write.
Get it out.
Doesn't matter what.
Put something

Move your hand.
Carry the pencil and stop thinking so much.
Watch ink flow across the page until you forget what your concerns were that had prevented you from telling those worries to anything that resembled blankness ...

You broke the spell.
Your fingers still work.
You didn't tell your story, though.
You've got to stop thinking like that, you know.
You didn't give yourself an easy way out.
You wrote.

You told Writer's Block to piss off.
Doesn't matter how you did it.
Doesn't matter if the crap you wrote means anything.
It just matters that the screen or paper in front of you isn't blank anymore.

your story will reveal itself


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